Desert News
July 5, 2023

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Newly Planted Vegetation Accelerates Dune Erosion During Extreme Storms, Research Shows

Newly planted vegetation on coastal sand dunes can accelerate erosion from extreme ...

Desert Ant Increase the Visibility of Their Nest Entrances in the Absence of Landmarks

Researchers report that in the absence of visible landmarks, desert ants increase the likelihood that foraging nest mates will find their way home quickly and safely by elevating their nest entrance. Ant colonies whose nests are found deep in the ...

Ancient Climate Change Solves Mystery of Vanished South African Lakes

New evidence for the presence of ancient lakes in some of the most arid regions of South Africa suggests that Stone Age humans may have been more widespread across the continent than previously ...

Oldest Architectural Plans Detail Mysterious Desert Mega Structures

Researchers have identified engravings in Jordan and Saudi Arabia as the oldest known scaled building plans in human ...

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New Research Suggests Drought Accelerated Empire Collapse

The collapse of the Hittite Empire in the Late Bronze Age has been blamed on various factors, from war with other territories to internal strife. Now, scientists have used tree ring and isotope ...

迅速增长的高温和干旱,可以计划ts Adapt?

As deserts expanded their range over the past 5-7 million years, many plants invaded the new biome and rapidly diversified, producing amazing adaptations to drought and heat. Can plants continue to ...

Aquatic Organisms Respond to Flooding and Drought Disturbance in Different Ways

Populations of various species of aquatic insects and other invertebrates respond to flooding and waterway drying due to drought in different ways that can be anticipated, according to a new study ...

GPS Tracking, Simulations Show Optimal Locations to Help Desert Bighorn Sheep Cross Freeways

Desert bighorn sheep whose Southern California range is bisected by freeways may one day benefit from modeling designed to show where the animals would be most apt to use overpasses to safely cross ...

A Changing Flood Recipe for Las Vegas

Las Vegas, with its rapid urbanization and desert landscape, is highly vulnerable to flooding. For this reason, flood managers have built an extensive system of drainage ditches and detention basins ...

Increased Atmospheric Dust Is Masking Greenhouse Gases' Warming Effect

A study shows that global atmospheric dust -- microscopic airborne particles from desert dust storms -- has a slight overall cooling effect on the planet that has hidden the full amount of warming ...

Landscaping for Drought: We're Doing It Wrong

Despite recent, torrential rains, most of Southern California remains in a drought. Accordingly, many residents plant trees prized for drought tolerance, but a new study shows that these trees lose ...

Microbial Miners Could Help Humans Colonize the Moon and Mars

The biochemical process by which cyanobacteria acquire nutrients from rocks in Chile's Atacama Desert has inspired engineers at the University of California, Irvine to think of new ways microbes ...

Researchers Propose New Structures to Harvest Untapped Source of Freshwater

An almost limitless supply of fresh water exists in the form of water vapor above Earth's oceans, yet remains untapped, researchers said. A new study suggests an investment in new infrastructure ...

Desert Dust Collected from Glacier Ice Helps Document Climate Change

Researchers are using dust trapped in glacier ice in Tibet to document past changes in Earth's intricate climate system -- and maybe one day help predict future ...

Plant Processes May Be Key to Predicting Drought Development

Based on new analyses of satellite data, scientists have found that hydrologic conditions that increase flash drought risk occur more often than current models predict. The research also shows that ...


Central Asia Identified as a Key Region for Human Ancestors

A new study on early human migration shows that semi-arid and desert zones of Central Asia may have served as key areas for the dispersal of hominins into Eurasia during the Middle Pleistocene. ...

Secrets of Namibia's Fairy Circles Demystified: Plants Self-Organize

Scientists have puzzled over the origin of Namibia's fairy circles for nearly half a century. It boiled down to two main theories: either termites were responsible, or plants were somehow ...

Beyond Humans -- Mammal Combat in Extreme Environs

A new study indicates previously unknown high altitude contests between two of America's most sensational mammals -- mountain goats and bighorn sheep -- over access to minerals previously ...

Anthropogenic Air Pollution More Significant Than Desert Dust

At the beginning of the year, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that the Middle East ranks among the regions with the worst air quality. There is a common misconception that desert dust ...

Research Unlocks Secrets of Rodents' Rat Race to New Lands

New research has mapped the DNA from more than 150 species of native rodents from across Australia, New Guinea and Melanesian islands, painting a clearer picture of how they're related and how ...

Burro-Ing Into the Past

A new study reveals that introduced donkeys and indigenous pumas are helping to resurrect extinct food webs in Death ...

Desert Climate Overtaking More of Central Asia

Rising annual temperatures and dwindling yearly precipitation across the mid-latitudes of Central Asia have extended its desert climate 60 miles northward since the 1980s, says a recent ...

Genome of Voracious Desert Locust Sequenced

The first high-quality genome of the desert locust -- those voracious feeders of plague and devastation infamy and the most destructive migratory insect in the world -- has been produced. The genome ...

A Warming Climate Decreases Microbial Diversity

Researchers conducted an eight-year experiment that found that climate warming played a predominant role in shaping microbial biodiversity, with significant negative ...

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