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July 12, 2023

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Salinity Changes Threatening Marine Ecosystems

A groundbreaking study reveals the critical yet severely understudied factor of salinity changes in ocean and coastlines caused by climate ...

Plastic Pollution on Coral Reefs Increases With Depth and Mostly Comes from Fishing Activities

Researchers reveal the extent of plastic pollution on coral reefs, finding that debris increases with depth, largely stems from fishing activities, and is correlated with proximity to marine protected ...

A Safe, Easy, and Affordable Way to Store and Retrieve Hydrogen

Researchers have discovered a compound that uses a chemical reaction to store ammonia, potentially offering a safer and easier way to store this important chemical. This discovery makes it possible not only to safely and conveniently store ammonia, but also the important hydrogen is carries, and it ...

The Ocean's Color Is Changing as a Consequence of Climate Change

The ocean's color has changed significantly in 20 years, and the trend is likely a consequence of human-induced climate change, report ...

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Earlier Headlines

Ohio Train Derailment, Clean-Up Resulted in High Levels of Some Gases, Study Shows

A freight train carrying industrial chemicals derailed near East Palestine, Ohio, in February 2023, and to avoid explosions, authorities conducted a controlled release and burned the cars' ...

Newly Identified Protein Regulates the Creation of Cellulose in Plant Cells

A team has identified a protein that modifies the cellular machinery responsible for producing cellulose, which could inform the design of more stable, cellulose-enriched materials for biofuels and ...

Next-Generation Flow Battery Design Sets Records

A new flow battery design achieves long life and capacity for grid energy storage from renewable ...

Global Cooling Caused Diversity of Species in Orchids, Confirms Study

Research shows global cooling of the climate 10 million years ago led to an explosion of diversity in terrestrial ...

Unused Renewable Energy an Option for Powering NFT Trade

Unused solar, wind, and hydroelectric power in the U.S. could support the exponential growth of transactions involving non-fungible tokens (NFTs), researchers have ...

Navigating the Future of Underwater Geolocalization: How Polarization Patterns Enable New Technology

Beneath the water's surface lays a hidden world: one that cannot be perceived by the human eye. When viewed through a special camera, however, rich polarization patterns are unveiled. These ...

Forest Can Adapt to Climate Change, but Not Quickly Enough

America's forests have a tough time in store for them. Climate change is increasing temperatures and decreasing moisture levels across the country, not a winning combination for ...

New Biodegradable Plastics Are Compostable in Your Backyard

研究人员已经开发出德的新生物塑料grade on the same timescale as a banana peel in a backyard compost ...

Breathing Poison: Microbial Life on Nitric Oxide Respiration

Nitric oxide (NO) is a central molecule in the global cycling of nitrogen, and also toxic. Little is known about if and how microbes can use NO as a substrate for growth. Scientists have now managed ...

Microbial Predators Cause Seasonal Fluctuations in Wastewater Treatment

Seasonal temperature fluctuations only have an indirect influence on the bacterial community in ...

Conservation in Indonesia Is at Risk, a Team of Researchers Who Study the Region Argues

Indonesia, home to the largest tropical rainforest in Southeast Asia and over 17,500 islands, is a country packed with biodiversity and endangered species. However, scientists studying the ...


Human-Made Materials in Nests Can Bring Both Risks and Benefit for Birds

We all discard a huge amount of plastic and other human-made materials into the environment, and these are often picked up by birds. New research has shown that 176 bird species around the world are ...

Doom-and-Gloom Climate News May Scare but Also Encourage Audiences

Researchers investigated how seeing frightening news about climate change day after day may shape the way people feel about the phenomenon and how willing they are to take action to address ...

Spider Mite Males Undress Maturing Females to Win the First Mating

In males of many species, it pays to identify females that are nearing maturity to be the first in line for mating. Now researchers have found a remarkable example: male spider mites guard and then ...

Queensland Native Forestry Can Help Achieve Global Environment Goals

Research has revealed that Queensland native forestry, including timber harvesting, could actually help conserve biodiversity and mitigate climate ...

Why There Are No Kangaroos in Bali (and No Tigers in Australia)

Researchers are using a new model to clarify why millions of years ago more animal species from Asia made the leap to the Australian continent than vice versa. The climate in which the species ...

Top Corn Producing State to See Future Drop in Yield, Cover Crop Efficiency

How will future climate change affect nitrogen loss, and will cover crops still be effective in removing nitrogen from drainage water? A new study investigating near- and far-term climate change in ...

Public Support Hydrogen and Biofuels to Decarbonize Global Shipping

New research into public attitudes towards alternative shipping fuels shows public backing for biofuel and hydrogen. The study also found that nuclear was preferred to the heavy fuel oil (HFO) ...

Weeks Later, Potentially Harmful Chemicals Lingered in Homes Affected by Marshall Fire

In the wake of Colorado's devastating Marshall Fire, a team of chemists and engineers undertook a first-of-its-kind study to explore homes that survived the blaze. Their results reveal the ...

Climate-Friendly Air Conditioning Inspired by Termites

The climate control used by termites in their mounds could inspire tomorrow's climate-smart buildings. New research shows that future buildings inspired by the termites could achieve the same ...

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