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July 12, 2023

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Paths for Reducing Harmful Air Pollution in South Asia Identified

A new study has evaluated the contribution of various emission sectors and fuels to PM2.5 mass for 29 states in India and six surrounding countries: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and ...

Weeks Later, Potentially Harmful Chemicals Lingered in Homes Affected by Marshall Fire

In the wake of Colorado's devastating Marshall Fire, a team of chemists and engineers undertook a first-of-its-kind study to explore homes that survived the blaze. Their results reveal the potential health hazards that wildfires can leave behind in ...

Climate-Friendly Air Conditioning Inspired by Termites

The climate control used by termites in their mounds could inspire tomorrow's climate-smart buildings. New research shows that future buildings inspired by the termites could achieve the same effect as traditional climate control, but with greater energy efficiency and without its carbon dioxide ...

Wildfire Smoke Downwind Affects Health, Wealth, Mortality

从野火烟雾颗粒可能会导致元素een 4,000 and 9,000 premature deaths and cost between $36 to $82 billion per year in the United States, according to new ...

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Ohio Train Derailment, Clean-Up Resulted in High Levels of Some Gases, Study Shows

A freight train carrying industrial chemicals derailed near East Palestine, Ohio, in February 2023, and to avoid explosions, authorities conducted a controlled release and burned the cars' ...

Engineers Harvest Abundant Clean Energy from Thin Air, 24/7

A team of engineers has recently shown that nearly any material can be turned into a device that continuously harvests electricity from humidity in the air. Researchers describe the 'generic ...

Propellers Are Louder Over Ground

The effects of the ground on propeller noise have now been measured ...

Fine Particulate Matter Catalyzes Oxidative Stress in the Lungs

Study sheds new light on the adverse health effects of air pollution: hydrogen peroxide production of fine particles may not be as important as previously assumed. A new study reveals that the ...

African Smoke Over the Amazon

Up to two-thirds of the soot above the central Amazon rainforest originates in Africa. Researchers differentiate soot particles using their relative properties and attribute them to their respective ...

'Improved' Cookstoves Emit More Ultrafine Particles Than Conventional Stoves

Improved cookstoves, which are widely used for cooking in developing countries, produce twice as many harmful ultrafine air pollution particles (PM0.1) as conventional stoves, according to a new ...

Air Pollution from Oil and Gas Production Responsible for $77 Billion in Annual US Health Damages, Contributes to Thousands of Early Deaths, Childhood Asthma Cases Nationwide

一项新的研究发现,空气污染的石油and gas sector in the United States has substantial adverse impacts on air quality, human health, and health costs. The findings show that the ...

Humidity May Increase Heat Risk in Urban Climates

A new study investigated the combined effect of temperature and humidity on urban heat stress using observational data and an urban climate model calculation. Researchers found that the heat stress ...

Poor Air Quality Linked to Cognitive Problems in Babies

New research shows that poor air quality could be causing cognitive problems in babies and toddlers. A new study reveals an association between poor air quality in India and impaired cognition in ...

Methane from Megafires: More Spew Than We Knew

Using a new detection method, scientists found a massive amount of methane, a super-potent greenhouse gas, coming from wildfires -- a source not currently being accounted for by California state air ...

Air Pollution Is Not Just a Human Problem -- It's Also Changing the Gut of British Bumblebees

Human activity is contributing to pollution that is affecting our health. According to WHO estimates, atmospheric air pollution is estimated to cause 4.2 million premature deaths worldwide per year. ...


The Hidden Culprit Behind Nitrogen Dioxide Emissions

A research team assesses neighborhood-scale NO2 exposure using a European satellite. High-rise apartment complexes are a significant source of emissions that should be considered in the development ...

Stopping Storms from Creating Dangerous Urban Geysers

Researchers develop a computational model of stormwater piping to study storm geysers. They used this model to understand why storm geysers form, what conditions tend to make them worse, and what ...

Shutting Down Nuclear Power Could Increase Air Pollution

A new study shows that if U.S. nuclear power plants are retired, the burning of coal, oil, and natural gas to fill the energy gap could cause more than 5,000 premature ...

Scientists Discover a Way Earth's Atmosphere Cleans Itself

Human activities emit many kinds of pollutants into the air, and without a molecule called hydroxide (OH), many of these pollutants would keep aggregating in the ...

Air Pollution May Increase Risk for Dementia

Exposure to fine particulate air pollutants (PM2.5) may increase the risk of developing dementia, according to a new ...

Tiny Yet Hazardous: New Study Shows Aerosols Produced by Contaminated Bubble Bursting Are Far Smaller Than Predicted

New research has shown that bursting bubbles coated by a thin oil layer produce drops with smaller sizes, greater overall number of drops, and are ejected at a higher velocity, compared to bubbles ...

Vehicle Exhaust Filters Do Not Remove Ultrafine Pollution

Filters fitted to vehicle exhaust systems to remove particulate matter pollution have limited impact on ultrafine particles, new research ...

Colorful Films Could Help Buildings, Cars Keep Their Cool

The cold blast of an air conditioner can be a relief as temperatures soar, but 'A/C' units require large amounts of energy and can leak greenhouse gases. Today, scientists report an ...

Drought, Heat Waves Worsen West Coast Air Pollution Inequality

A new study found drought and heat waves could make air pollution worse for communities that already have a high pollution burden in California, and deepen pollution inequalities along racial and ...

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