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July 12, 2023

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Plastic Pollution on Coral Reefs Increases With Depth and Mostly Comes from Fishing Activities

Researchers reveal the extent of plastic pollution on coral reefs, finding that debris increases with depth, largely stems from fishing activities, and is correlated with proximity to marine protected ...

Supercomputer Used to Simulate Winds That Cause Clear Air Turbulence

Using Japan's most powerful supercomputer, researchers reproduced cases of clear air turbulence around Tokyo. They simulated the fine vortices responsible for this dangerous phenomenon. The usefulness of the simulation in predicting turbulence was confirmed by comparing simulation data with data ...

Paths for Reducing Harmful Air Pollution in South Asia Identified

A new study has evaluated the contribution of various emission sectors and fuels to PM2.5 mass for 29 states in India and six surrounding countries: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and ...

Navigating the Future of Underwater Geolocalization: How Polarization Patterns Enable New Technology

Beneath the water's surface lays a hidden world: one that cannot be perceived by the human eye. When viewed through a special camera, however, rich polarization patterns are unveiled. These patterns can be used as an alternative approach to ...

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Ohio Train Derailment, Clean-Up Resulted in High Levels of Some Gases, Study Shows

A freight train carrying industrial chemicals derailed near East Palestine, Ohio, in February 2023, and to avoid explosions, authorities conducted a controlled release and burned the cars' ...

Research Reveals Sources of CO2 from Aleutian-Alaska Arc Volcanoes

Scientists have wondered what happens to the organic and inorganic carbon that Earth's Pacific Plate carries with it as it slides into the planet's interior along the volcano-studded Ring ...

Climate Change Will Increase Impacts of Volcanic Eruptions

Volcanic disasters have been studied since Pompeii was buried in 79 A.D., leading the public to believe that scientists already know why, where, when and how long volcanoes will erupt. But a ...

Mountains Vulnerable to Extreme Rain from Climate Change

A new study finds that as rising global temperatures shift snow to rain, mountains across the Northern Hemisphere will be hotspots for extreme rainfall events that could trigger floods and landslides ...

Orangutans Can Make Two Sounds at the Same Time, Similar to Human Beatboxing, Study Finds

Orangutans can make two separate sounds simultaneously, much like songbirds or human beatboxers, according to a new ...

New Research Finds That More Than 90% of Global Aquaculture Faces Substantial Risk from Environmental Change

Many of the world's largest aquatic food producers are highly vulnerable to human-induced environmental change, with some of the highest-risk countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa ...

Study of Earth's Stratosphere Reduces Uncertainty in Future Climate Change

New research reduces uncertainty in future climate change linked to the stratosphere, with important implications for life on Earth. A significant source of uncertainty relates to future changes to ...

Study of Deep-Sea Corals Reveals Ocean Currents Have Not Fuelled Rise in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

Pioneering analysis of deep-sea corals has overturned the idea that ocean currents contributed to increasing global levels of carbon dioxide in the air over the past 11,000 ...

Gray Whales Off Oregon Coast Consume Millions of Microparticles Per Day

Researchers estimate that gray whales feeding off the Oregon Coast consume up to 21 million microparticles per day, a finding informed in part by feces from the ...

New Nationwide Modeling Points to Widespread Racial Disparities in Urban Heat Stress

Using a combination of satellite data and modeling to study the temperatures and humidity people might feel in urban areas, researchers have pinpointed who in the U.S. is most vulnerable to heat ...

城市Buildings Could Blow Air Taxi Future Off Course

Air taxis may be coming to our cities in the near future, but a new study warns regulations will need to address dangerous wind gusts around city buildings and other urban ...


Will Engineered Carbon Removal Solve the Climate Crisis?

A new study explored fairness and feasibility in deep mitigation pathways with novel carbon dioxide removal, taking into account institutional capacity to implement mitigation ...

'Shoebox' Satellites Help Scientists Understand Trees and Global Warming

科学家们试图了解这一的效果ate on trees, advances in imaging technology are helping them see both the whole forest and every individual tree. High-resolution images taken by ...

Inside-out Heating and Ambient Wind Could Make Direct Air Capture Cheaper and More Efficient

Chemical engineers use coated carbon fibers and eliminate steam-based heating in their simpler design, which also can be powered by wind ...

Antarctic Ice Shelves Experienced Only Minor Changes in Surface Melt Since 1980

A team of glaciologists set out to quantify how much ice melt occurred on Antarctica's ice shelves from 1980 to 2021. The results might seem to be good news for the region, but the researchers ...

Smart Farming Platform Improves Crop Yields, Minimizes Pollution

A new farming system aims to solve one of the biggest problems in modern agriculture: the overuse of fertilizers to improve crop yields and the resulting chemical runoff that pollutes the ...

Wildfire Smoke Downwind Affects Health, Wealth, Mortality

从野火烟雾颗粒可能会导致元素een 4,000 and 9,000 premature deaths and cost between $36 to $82 billion per year in the United States, according to new ...

Drug-Resistant Fungi Are Thriving in Even the Most Remote Regions of Earth

New research has found that a disease-causing fungus -- collected from one of the most remote regions in the world -- is resistant to a common antifungal medicine used to treat ...

Caribbean Seagrasses Provide Services Worth $255B Annually, Including Vast Carbon Storage, Study Shows

Caribbean seagrasses provide about $255 billion in services to society annually, including $88.3 billion in carbon storage, according to a new study. The study has put a dollar value on the many ...

The Art and Science of Living-Like Architecture

Collaborators have created 'living-like' bioactive interior architecture designed to one day protect us from hidden airborne threats. This publication establishes that the lab's ...

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