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Students Positive Towards AI, but Uncertain About What Counts as Cheating

Students are positive towards AI tools such as ChatGPT in education, but 62 percent believe that using chatbots during exams is cheating. However, where the boundary for cheating lies is highly ...

Research Shows Mobile Phone Users Do Not Understand What Data They Might Be Sharing

Privacy and security features that aim to give consumers more control over the sharing of their data by smartphone apps are widely misunderstood, shows new research from the University of Bath's School of ...

Joyful Music Could Be a Game Changer for Virtual Reality Headaches

Listening to music could reduce the dizziness, nausea and headaches virtual reality users might experience after using digital devices, research suggests. Cybersickness -- a type of motion sickness from virtual reality experiences such as computer games -- significantly reduces when joyful music is ...

Students Use Machine Learning in Lesson Designed to Reveal Issues, Promise of A.I.

In a new study, researchers had 28 high school students create their own machine-learning artificial intelligence (AI) models for analyzing data. The goals of the project were to help students explore the challenges, limitations and promise of AI, ...

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ChatGPT Is Still No Match for Humans When It Comes to Accounting

ChatGPT faced off against students on accounting assessments. Students scored an overall average of 76.7%, compared to ChatGPT's score of 47.4%. On a 11.3% of questions, ChatGPT scored higher ...

Think You're Good at Math? Study Shows It May Be Because You Had Equitable Math Teachers

A new study finds that high school students identify more with math if they see their math teacher treating everyone in the class equitably, especially in racially diverse schools. While the ...

Lack of Computer Access Linked to Poorer Mental Health in Young People During COVID-19 Pandemic

Researchers have highlighted how lack of access to a computer was linked to poorer mental health among young people and adolescents during COVID-19 ...

Machine Learning, from You

Many computer systems people interact with on a daily basis require knowledge about certain aspects of the world, or models, to work. These systems have to be trained, often needing to learn to ...

Automatic Text Simplification: Efficacy in the Foreign Language Classroom

Texts used in second language (L2) classrooms have traditionally been simplified manually. With recent technological advances, text can be simplified automatically through artificial ...

Pandemic Escalated Teen Cyberbullying -- Asian Americans Targeted Most, Research Finds

A study of U.S. middle and high school students shows that about 17 percent were cyberbullied in 2016 and 2019, but that proportion rose to 23 percent in 2021. Notably, 19 percent of Asian American ...

Study Shows How Math, Science Identity in Students Affects College, Career Outcomes

Two researchers have published a study that asked students if they see themselves as a math or science person, then followed up with them several times in following years. Results showed those who ...

Collective Effort Needed to Help Children Thrive Following Exposure to Online Risks

Helping children become more 'digitally resilient' needs to be a collective effort if they are to learn how to 'thrive online', according to new research. Digital resilience is ...

Sport, Sleep or Screens: New App Reveals the 'Just Right' Day for Kids

Not too sport heavy, not too sleep deprived -- finding the 'just right' balance in a child's busy day can be a challenge. But while parents may struggle to squeeze in homework amid ...

What Is the Best Way to Group Students? Math Model

Researchers have developed a new approach that uses math to determine the best ways to group individuals to maximize learning. Their work has broad implications in education, as well as in economics, ...

The Way You Talk to Your Child About Math Matters

'You're so smart!' -- This encouraging response may actually do more harm than good to children's math performance, according to a new study. The study found that encouraging ...


Using Digital Media to Relax Is Related to Lower-Quality Parenting

Caregivers who consume digital media for relaxation are more likely to engage in negative parenting practices, according to a new multinational ...

A 'Goldilocks Amount' of Time Spent Online Could Be Good for Teenagers' Wellbeing

New research has found further evidence of a relationship between online engagement and mental wellbeing in teenagers. The study contributes to mounting international evidence on the dangers of high ...

High School Students Measure Earth's Magnetic Field from ISS

A small computer aboard the International Space Station programmed by Portuguese students enables measurements as part of Raspberry Pi Foundation's Astro Pi ...

New Model Could Improve Matches Between Students and Schools

Simultaneous and uncoordinated school admissions in situations where students have multiple options can lead to unfilled seats and a lot of stress for families and administrators. To create a fairer, ...

The Numbers Don't Lie: Australia Is Failing at Maths and We Need to Find a New Formula to Arrest the Decline

Australia has suffered a significant drop in teenage maths proficiency in the past 20 years -- sliding from 11th in the OECD rankings to 29th place out of 38 countries, prompting widespread debate ...

Immersive VR: Empowering Kids to Survive in Fire, Flood, and War

When you live in the driest State in the driest country in the world, bushfires are an unfortunate, and all-too-regular part of life. Learning how to survive such emergencies is important for all ...

Trainee Teachers Made Sharper Assessments About Learning Difficulties After Receiving Feedback from AI

A trial which used artificial intelligence to train new teachers to spot potential learning difficulties in pupils found that the approach significantly improved their assessment skills. 178 trainees ...

Adding AI to Museum Exhibits Increases Learning, Keeps Kids Engaged Longer

Researchers have demonstrated a more effective way to support learning and increase engagement at science-focused museum exhibits. They used artificial intelligence to create a new genre of ...

电脑游戏在教室里:教育成功ss Depends on the Teacher

Future teachers see educational potential in computer games, study shows. Teacher training should therefore address their potential in the ...

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