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June 26, 2023

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AI Tool Predicts When a Bank Should Be Bailed out

An artificial intelligence tool could help governments decide whether or not to bail out a bank in crisis by predicting if the intervention will save money for taxpayers in the long ...

How 'Prediction Markets' Could Improve Climate Risk Policies and Investment Decisions

A market-led approach could be key to guiding policy, research and business decisions about future climate risks, a new study outlines. Now that organizations appreciate how essential it is to ...

Loan Applications Processed Around Midday More Likely to Be Rejected

Bank credit officers are more likely to approve loan applications earlier and later in the day, while 'decision fatigue' around midday is associated with defaulting to the safer option of ...

Machine Learning Can Predict Market Behavior

Machine learning can assess the effectiveness of mathematical tools used to predict the movements of financial markets, according to new research based on the largest dataset ever used in this ...

倾向于选择有针对性的退休的乐趣d Ending in Zero May Impact Wealth

New research shows that selecting a targeted retirement fund that ends in a zero could negatively impact your retirement savings. The study identified a ''zero bias'' or tendency ...