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June 26, 2023

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Open-Source Software to Speed Up Quantum Research

Quantum technology is expected to fundamentally change many key areas of society. Researchers are convinced that there are many more useful quantum properties and applications to explore than those we know today. A team of researchers has now developed open-source, freely available software that ...

真实的模拟驾驶环境基础上的Crash-Prone' Michigan Intersection

The first statistically realistic roadway simulation has now been developed. While it currently represents a particularly perilous roundabout, future work will expand it to include other driving situations for testing autonomous vehicle ...

Creating a Tsunami Early Warning System Using Artificial Intelligence

Researchers develop an early warning system that combines acoustic technology with AI to immediately classify earthquakes and determine potential tsunami risk. They propose using underwater microphones, called hydrophones, to measure the acoustic radiation produced by the earthquake, which carries ...

Reinforcement Learning: From Board Games to Protein Design

An AI strategy proven adept at board games like Chess and Go, reinforcement learning, has now been adapted for a powerful protein design program. The results show that reinforcement learning can do more than master board games. When trained to solve long-standing puzzles in protein science, the ...

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A 4D Printer for Smart Materials With Magneto-and Electro-Mechanical Properties Has Been Developed

Researchers have created software and hardware for a 4D printer with applications in the biomedical field. In addition to 3D printing, this machine allows for controlling extra functions: programming ...

Voice-Activated System for Hands-Free, Safer DNA Handling

智能语音助手是名人的一种流行方式e to get quick answers or play their favorite music. That same technology could make the laboratory safer for scientists and technicians who handle ...

Designing With DNA

米arvel at the tiny nanoscale structures emerging from labs, and it's easy to imagine you're browsing a catalog of the world's smallest pottery: itty-bitty vases, bowls, and spheres. ...

New Software Based on Artificial Intelligence Helps to Interpret Complex Data

Experimental data is often not only highly dimensional, but also noisy and full of artefacts. This makes it difficult to interpret the data. Now a team has designed software that uses self-learning ...

A Novel, Space-Time Coding Antenna Promotes 6G and Secure Wireless Communications

Scientists have developed a novel antenna that allows manipulation of the direction, frequency and amplitude of the radiated beam, and is expected to play an important role in the integration of ...

米aking 'Transport' Robots Smarter

Imagine a team of humans and robots working together to process online orders -- real-life workers strategically positioned among their automated coworkers who are moving intelligently back and forth ...

Laser Attack Blinds Autonomous Vehicles, Deleting Pedestrians and Confusing Cars

Scientists developed the first-ever attack that creates a blind spot for lidar sensors steering autonomous vehicles, showing they can completely delete a moving pedestrian from the field of ...

Automatic Text Simplification: Efficacy in the Foreign Language Classroom

Texts used in second language (L2) classrooms have traditionally been simplified manually. With recent technological advances, text can be simplified automatically through artificial ...

Artificial Intelligence Answers the Call for Quail Information

When states want to gauge quail populations, the process can be grueling, time-consuming and expensive. It means spending hours in the field listening for calls. Or leaving a recording device in the ...

Claims AI Can Boost Workplace Diversity Are 'Spurious and Dangerous'

AI-powered recruitment tools that claim to remove discrimination from hiring are a growing market. These AI tools reduce race and gender to trivial data points, and often rely on personality analysis ...

Algorithms Predict Sports Teams' Moves With 80% Accuracy

Algorithms can predict the in-game actions of volleyball players with more than 80% accuracy, and now the lab is collaborating with the Big Red hockey team to expand the research project's ...


New Software Platform Advances Understanding of the Surface Finish of Manufactured Components

The platform enables users to create a digital twin of a surface and thus to help predict, for example, how quickly it wears out, how well it conducts heat, or how well it adheres ...

Beyond AlphaFold: A.I. Excels at Creating New Proteins

Over the past two years, machine learning has revolutionized protein structure prediction. Now there's a similar revolution in protein design. Biologists show that machine learning can be used ...

Intelligent Microscopes for Detecting Rare Biological Events

Biophysicists have developed control software that optimizes how fluorescence microscopes collect data on living samples. Their control loop, used to image mitochondrial and bacterial sites of ...

Artificial Intelligence Can Be Used to Better Monitor Maine's Forests

Researchers have developed a novel method of using artificial intelligence and machine learning to make monitoring soil moisture more energy and cost efficient. The software learns over time how to ...

Helping Autonomous Vehicles Navigate Tricky Highway Merges

If autonomous vehicles are ever going to achieve widespread adoption, we need to know they are capable of navigating complex traffic situations, such as merging into heavy traffic when lanes ...

No One-Size-Fits-All Artificial Intelligence Approach Works for Prevention, Diagnosis or Treatment Using Precision Medicine

A Rutgers analysis of dozens of artificial intelligence (AI) software programs used in precision, or personalized, medicine to prevent, diagnose and treat disease found that no program exists that ...

Thinking Like a Cyber-Attacker to Protect User Data

Researchers have shown that a component of modern computer processors that enables different areas of the chip to communicate with each other is susceptible to a side-channel attack. An attacker can ...

Optimizing SWAP Networks for Quantum Computing

Researchers have demonstrated how a smart compiler specifically tailored for superconducting quantum hardware can optimize circuits and networks and execute less error-prone quantum algorithms such ...

Bioscientists Use Mixed-Reality Headset, Custom Software to Measure Vegetation in the Field

A lab that specializes in applying data science to the study of conservation biology has created an open-source app to harvest field data from Microsoft's HoloLens mixed-reality headset. The app ...

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