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July 11, 2023

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Breaking Into Tears With Microrheology to Design Custom Eye Drops

In Physics of Fluids, Vega et al. researched human tears at the micron level to reveal new ways of customizing artificial tears to address individual symptoms of dry eye disease. The detailed insights they gained about the composition and behavior of tears could also apply to the study of ocular ...

The Science Behind Skipping Stones

An interdisciplinary team presents a study of the dynamics of buoyant spheres at the air-water interface. Their work reveals complex hydrodynamics involved in forming horizontal air cavities and the transition between floating and skipping. One of the team's key findings is that as the pulling ...

Newly Identified Protein Regulates the Creation of Cellulose in Plant Cells

A team has identified a protein that modifies the cellular machinery responsible for producing cellulose, which could inform the design of more stable, cellulose-enriched materials for biofuels and other ...

Unused Renewable Energy an Option for Powering NFT Trade

Unused solar, wind, and hydroelectric power in the U.S. could support the exponential growth of transactions involving non-fungible tokens (NFTs), researchers have ...

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A Better Understanding of Turbulence

Experiments at a unique wind tunnel show that laws formulated more than 80 years ago and their extensions only incompletely explain turbulent ...

Climate-Friendly Air Conditioning Inspired by Termites

The climate control used by termites in their mounds could inspire tomorrow's climate-smart buildings. New research shows that future buildings inspired by the termites could achieve the same ...

Testing Real Driverless Cars in a Virtual Environment

Researchers have developed new software to aid in the development, evaluation and demonstration of safer autonomous, or driverless, vehicles. Called the Vehicle-in-Virtual-Environment (VVE) method, ...

New Study Shatters Conventional Wisdom and Unlocks the Future of Electrochemical Devices

A new study reveals a surprising discovery that could transform the future of electrochemical devices. The findings offer new opportunities for the development of advanced materials and improved ...

Holograms for Life: Improving IVF Success

In a world-first, 3D holographic images of an embryo have been developed. The images are created using minuscule amounts of light in a fraction of a ...

Tracking Ships' Icy Paths Amidst Climate Change

Understanding when and where ships are entering areas of Arctic sea ice can help elucidate the potential impacts of vessel traffic in the ...

Dissolving Cardiac Device Monitors, Treats Heart Disease

Researchers have developed a soft, flexible, wireless device to monitor and treat heart disease and dysfunction in the days, weeks or months following traumatic heart-related events. And, after the ...

Researchers Create Highly Conductive Metallic Gel for 3D Printing

Researchers have developed a metallic gel that is highly electrically conductive and can be used to print three-dimensional (3D) solid objects at room ...

Artificial Cells Demonstrate That 'Life Finds a Way'

A study using a synthetic 'minimal cell' organism stripped down to the 'bare essentials' for life demonstrates the tenacity of organism's power to evolve and adapt, even in ...

Growing Bio-Inspired Polymer Brains for Artificial Neural Networks

neuromorphi连接神经元的新方法c wetware has been developed. The wetware comprises conductive polymer wires grown in a three-dimensional configuration, done by applying square-wave ...

Deciphering the Thermodynamic Arrow of Time in Large-Scale Complex Networks

A solution for temporal asymmetry -- or entropy production -- in thermodynamics has been developed to further our understanding of the behavior of biological systems, machine learning, and AI tools. ...


Chemists Discover Why Photosynthetic Light-Harvesting Is So Efficient

Chemists have measured the energy transfer between photosynthetic light-harvesting proteins. They discovered that the disorganized arrangement of light-harvesting proteins boosts the efficiency of ...

Planting Seeds: Researchers Dig Into How Chemical Gardens Grow

Until now, researchers have been unable to model how deceptively simple tubular structures -- called chemical gardens -- work and the patterns and rules that govern their formation. Researchers now ...

Virtual Exploration of Chemical Reactions

A new online platform to explore computationally calculated chemical reaction pathways has been released, allowing for in-depth understanding and design of chemical ...

AI and CRISPR Precisely Control Gene Expression

The study combines a deep learning model with CRISPR screens to control the expression of human genes in different ways -- such as flicking a light switch to shut them off completely or by using a ...

A Novel Hydrogel May Be a Beacon of Hope for Infertility and Fertility Challenges

New research leads to the development of a hydrogel for endometrial ...

Researchers Demonstrate Single-Molecule Electronic 'Switch' Using Ladder-Like Molecules

Researchers have demonstrated a new material for single-molecule electronic switches, which can effectively vary current at the nanoscale in response to external stimuli. The material for this ...

科学家们设计使用南极Bac新酶teria and Computer Calculations

For the first time, researchers have succeeded in predicting how to change the optimum temperature of an enzyme using large computer calculations. A cold-adapted enzyme from an Antarctic bacterium ...

Chemists Develop New Method to Create Chiral Structures

In trying to produce artificial chirality in the lab, chemists have found that the distribution of a magnetic field is itself ...

New Single-Photon Raman Lidar Can Monitor for Underwater Oil Leaks

Researchers report a new single-photon Raman lidar system that operates underwater and can remotely distinguish various substances. They also show that the new system can detect the thickness of the ...

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