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June 26, 2023

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Researchers Discover Materials Exhibiting Huge Magnetoresistance

With the need for hardware to process large amounts of digital information ever growing, researchers are working hard to improve magnetoresistive devices. The magnetoresistance ratio indicates the efficiency of these devices, the higher the better. Most magnetoresistive devices comprise magnesium ...

Symmetric Graphene Quantum Dots for Future Qubits

Quantum dots in semiconductors such as silicon or gallium arsenide have long been considered hot candidates for hosting quantum bits in future quantum processors. Scientists have now shown that bilayer graphene has even more to offer here than other materials. The double quantum dots they have ...

Researchers Develop Manual for Engineering Spin Dynamics in Nanomagnets

一个n international team of researchers has developed a comprehensive manual for engineering spin dynamics in nanomagnets -- an important step toward advancing spintronic and quantum-information ...

Laser Light Hybrids Control Giant Currents at Ultrafast Times

水的流动问题,从宏观电流s to the microscopic flow of electric charge, underpins much of the infrastructure of modern times. In the search for breakthroughs in energy efficiency, data storage capacity, and processing speed, scientists search for ways in which to control the ...

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Qubits on Strong Stimulants

In the global push for practical quantum networks and quantum computers, an international team of researchers has demonstrated a leap in preserving the quantum coherence of quantum dot spin ...

Spin Transport Measured Through Molecular Films Now Long Enough to Develop Spintronic Devices

一个research group has succeeded in measuring spin transport in a thin film of specific molecules -- a material well-known in organic light emitting diodes -- at room temperature. They found that this ...

一个t the Edge of Graphene-Based Electronics

Researchers developed a new graphene-based nanoelectronics platform compatible with conventional microelectronics manufacturing, paving the way for a successor to ...

Dynamical Fractal Discovered in Clean Magnetic Crystal

Researchers have uncovered an altogether new type of fractal appearing in a class of magnets called spin ices. The discovery was surprising because the fractals were seen in a clean three-dimensional ...

New Quantum Computing Feat Is a Modern Twist on a 150-Year-Old Thought Experiment

New research demonstrates a 20x improvement in resetting a quantum bit to its '0' state, using a modern version of the 'Maxwell's ...

Spin Correlation Between Paired Electrons Demonstrated

Physicists have experimentally demonstrated for the first time that there is a negative correlation between the two spins of an entangled pair of electrons from a superconductor. For their study, the ...

Novel Nanowire Fabrication Technique Paves Way for Next Generation Spintronics

The challenge of fabricating nanowires directly on silicon substrates for the creation of the next generation of electronics has finally been solved. Next generation spintronics will lead to better ...

New Hybrid Structures Could Pave the Way to More Stable Quantum Computers

一个new way to combine two materials with special electrical properties -- a monolayer superconductor and a topological insulator -- provides the best platform to date to explore an unusual form of ...

For the Longest Time: Quantum Computing Engineers Set New Standard in Silicon Chip Performance

Engineers have substantially extended the time that their quantum computing processors can hold information by more than 100 times compared to previous ...

Full Control of a Six-Qubit Quantum Processor in Silicon

Researchers have engineered a record number of six, silicon-based, spin qubits in a fully interoperable array. Importantly, the qubits can be operated with a low error-rate that is achieved with a ...

'Twisty' Photons Could Turbocharge Next-Gen Quantum Communication

Quantum researchers have demonstrated a method for encoding vastly more information into a single photon, opening the door to even faster and more powerful quantum communication ...


Key Element for a Scalable Quantum Computer

米illions of quantum bits are required for quantum computers to prove useful in practical applications. But this is still a long way off. One problem is that the qubits have to be very close to each ...

Scientists See Spins in a 2D Magnet

Research shows that spinning quasiparticles, or magnons, light up when paired with a light-emitting quasiparticle, or exciton, with potential quantum information ...

Investigating Magnetic Excitation-Induced Spin Current in Chromium Trihalides

一个general formula that can calculate the spin current induced by oscillating magnetic fields in magnetic materials and aid our understanding of novel spintronics functionality has been developed. The ...

From Bits to P-Bits: One Step Closer to Probabilistic Computing

Scientists have developed a mathematical description of what happens within tiny magnets as they fluctuate between states when an electric current and magnetic field are applied. Their findings could ...

New Insights Into the Interaction of Topological Insulators

Topological insulators are regarded as the key to novel 'spintronic' devices and quantum computers of the future due to their unique electronic properties. Physicists have now been able to ...

Physics of High-Temperature Superconductors Untangled

When some materials are cooled to a certain temperature, they lose electric resistance, becoming ...

Scientists Unravel 'Hall Effect' Mystery in Search for Next Generation Memory Storage Devices

一个n advance in the use of antiferromagnetic materials in memory storage devices has been made by an international team of ...

2D Array of Electron and Nuclear Spin Qubits Opens New Frontier in Quantum Science

By using photons and electron spin qubits to control nuclear spins in a two-dimensional material, researchers have opened a new frontier in quantum science and technology, enabling applications like ...

米agnetic Quantum Material Broadens Platform for Probing Next-Gen Information Technologies

Scientists have used neutron scattering to determine whether a specific material's atomic structure could host a novel state of matter called a spiral spin liquid. By tracking tiny magnetic ...

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