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Brain Activity Decoder Can Reveal Stories in People's Minds

A new AI-based system called a semantic decoder can translate a person's brain activity -- while listening to a story or silently imagining telling a story -- into a continuous stream of text. Unlike other thought decoding systems in development, this system does not require subjects to have ...

Nanowire Networks Learn and Remember Like a Human Brain

Scientists have demonstrated nanowire networks can exhibit both short- and long-term memory like the human ...

Table Tennis Brain Teaser: Playing Against Robots Makes Our Brains Work Harder

Brain scans taken during table tennis reveal differences in how we respond to human versus machine ...

Mind-Control Robots a Reality?

Researchers have developed biosensor technology that will allow you to operate devices, such as robots and machines, solely through thought ...

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How the Sounds We Hear Help Us Predict How Things Feel

Researchers have made an important discovery about the way our brains process the sensations of sound and touch. The new study reveals how the brain's different sensory systems are all closely ...

Realistic Computer Models of Brain Cells

Investigators have created the most bio-realistic and complex computer models of individual brain cells -- in unparalleled quantity. Their research details how these models could one day answer ...

Advancing Dynamic Brain Imaging With AI

New research introduces a novel, AI-based dynamic brain imaging technology alternative which could map out rapidly changing electrical activity in the brain with high speed, high resolution, and low ...

A New Model Sheds Light on How We Learn Motor Skills

Researchers have developed a mathematical model of motor learning that reflects the motor learning process in the human brain. Their findings suggest that motor exploration -- that is, increased ...

How the Brain Interprets Motion While in Motion

New research provides insights into a neural mechanism involved in how the brain interprets sensory information. The research may have applications for treating brain disorders and designing ...

Learning and Remembering Movement

研究人员检查the brain at a single-neuron level found that computation happens not just in the interaction between neurons, but within each individual neuron. Each of these cells, it turns ...

Researchers Investigate the Links Between Facial Recognition and Alzheimer's Disease

In recent years Alzheimer's disease has been on the rise throughout the world and is rarely diagnosed at an early stage when it can still be effectively controlled. Using artificial ...

Significant Energy Savings Using Neuromorphic Hardware

New research illustrates neuromorphic technology is up to sixteen times more energy-efficient for large deep learning networks than other AI ...

Neuromorphic Memory Device Simulates Neurons and Synapses

研究人员报道了一个纳米级neuromorphic memory device that emulates neurons and synapses simultaneously in a unit cell, another step toward completing the goal of neuromorphic computing ...

Component for Brain-Inspired Computing

Researchers have developed a new material for an electronic component that can be used in a wider range of applications than its predecessors. Such components will help create electronic circuits ...

Energy-Efficient AI Hardware Technology Via a Brain-Inspired Stashing System?

Researchers have proposed a novel system inspired by the neuromodulation of the brain, referred to as a 'stashing system,' that requires less energy consumption. Computer scientists have ...


'Nanomagnetic' Computing Can Provide Low-Energy AI

Researchers have shown it is possible to perform artificial intelligence using tiny nanomagnets that interact like neurons in the ...

Engineers Get Under the Skin of Ionic Skin

In the quest to build smart skin that mimics the sensing capabilities of natural skin, ionic skins have shown significant advantages. They're made of flexible, biocompatible hydrogels that use ...

The Ethics of Research on 'Conscious' Artificial Brains

Authors lay out an ethical framework that assumes brain organoids already have consciousness. The paper argues that this framework is not exclusive to brain organoids and can be applied to anything ...

Rational Neural Network Advances Machine-Human Discovery

Math is the language of the physical world, and some see mathematical patterns everywhere: in weather, in the way soundwaves move, and even in the spots or stripes zebra fish develop in ...

Honey Holds Potential for Making Brain-Like Computer Chips

Honey might be a sweet solution for developing environmentally friendly components for neuromorphic computers, systems designed to mimic the neurons and synapses found in the human ...

A New Brain-Computer Interface With a Flexible Backing

Engineering researchers have invented an advanced brain-computer interface with a flexible and moldable backing and penetrating microneedles. Adding a flexible backing to this kind of brain-computer ...

Entanglement Unlocks Scaling for Quantum Machine Learning

The field of machine learning on quantum computers got a boost from new research removing a potential roadblock to the practical implementation of quantum neural ...

Can Machine-Learning Models Overcome Biased Datasets?

Researchers have applied the tools of neuroscience to study when and how an artificial neural network can overcome bias in a dataset. They found that data diversity, not dataset size, is key and that ...

Neuroscientists Use Deep Learning Model to Simulate Brain Topography

A more accurate model of the visual system may help neuroscientists and clinicians develop better treatments for alexia, prosopagnosia and ...

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