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June 26, 2023

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Video Games Spark Exciting New Frontier in Neuroscience

Researchers have used an algorithm from a video game to gain insights into the behavior of molecules within live brain cells. Researchers used coding tools to build an algorithm that is now used by several labs to gather rich data about brain cell activity. The algorithm was applied to observe ...

The Metaverse Can Lead to Better Science

One researcher says we should look beyond the hype to see how virtual reality can make scientists more effective. But to realize the benefits, researchers must also plan well and avoid potential ...

A Touch-Responsive Fabric Armband -- For Flexible Keyboards, Wearable Sketchpads

It's time to roll up your sleeves for the next advance in wearable technology -- a fabric armband that's actually a touch pad. Researchers say they have devised a way to make playing video games, sketching cartoons and signing documents easier. ...

Joyful Music Could Be a Game Changer for Virtual Reality Headaches

Listening to music could reduce the dizziness, nausea and headaches virtual reality users might experience after using digital devices, research suggests. Cybersickness -- a type of motion sickness from virtual reality experiences such as computer games -- significantly reduces when joyful music is ...

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Purchasing Loot Boxes in Video Games Associated With Problem Gambling Risk, Says Study

Gamers who buy 'loot boxes' are up to two times more likely to gamble, shows new ...

Online Gaming Enhances Career Prospects and Develops Soft Skills, Finds New Study

网络游戏行为可以鼓励玩家丐n a variety of soft skills which could assist them with training to support their career aspirations, according to new ...

A Far-Sighted Approach to Machine Learning

A new technique enables artificial intelligence agents to think much farther into the future when considering how their behaviors can influence the behaviors of other AI agents, toward the completion ...

米oral Behavior Pays Off

Coupling two approaches of game theory can shed light on how moral norms ...

Disconnection, Not Teens' Screen Time, Is the Problem, Research Suggests

A new study compares the self-esteem and social activities of teens with no or poor home Internet access to teens who are the heaviest users of screens as well as teens with parents who tightly ...

Smelling in VR Environment Possible With New Gaming Technology

气味的机器,所谓的嗅觉测量器,使它possible to smell in VR environments. First up is a 'wine tasting game' where the user smells wine in a virtual wine cellar and gets points ...

Electronic Gaming Can Trigger Potentially Lethal Heart Rhythm Problems in Susceptible Children

Electronic gaming can precipitate life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias in susceptible children whose predisposition may have been previously unrecognized, according to a new report. The investigators ...

Algorithms Predict Sports Teams' Moves With 80% Accuracy

Algorithms can predict the in-game actions of volleyball players with more than 80% accuracy, and now the lab is collaborating with the Big Red hockey team to expand the research project's ...

Video Games Offer the Potential of 'Experiential Medicine'

After a decade of work, scientists have developed a suite of video game interventions that improve key aspects of cognition in aging ...

Gamers Can Have Their Cake and Eat It Too

New research from Japan shows that multiple cognitive abilities may be empirically measured from a complex game experience depending on the game's ...

Scientists Develop Model That Adjusts Videogame Difficulty Based on Player Emotions

Scientists have developed a novel approach for dynamic difficulty adjustment where the players' emotions are estimated using in-game data, and the difficulty level is tweaked accordingly to ...


Reasons Behind Gamer Rage in Children Are Complex -- And Children Are Good at Naming Them

Children's outbursts of rage while playing digital games are causing both concern and public debate around the topic. Taking a novel approach to gamer rage, a new study examines the topic from a ...

Gesture-Based Communication Techniques May Ease Video Meeting Challenges

Researchers have developed and demonstrated the potential benefit of a simple set of physical gestures that participants in online group video meetings can use to improve their meeting ...

Using AI to Train Teams of Robots to Work Together

Researchers have developed a method to train multiple agents such as robots or drones to work together using multi-agent reinforcement learning, a type of artificial ...

Video Game Players Show Enhanced Brain Activity, Decision-Making Skill Study

Frequent players of video games show superior sensorimotor decision-making skills and enhanced activity in key regions of the brain as compared to non-players, according to a recent ...

Who's Really in Control?

Researchers studied the effect of the 'attitudes' of a semi-autonomous telepresence robot on its human operator. They found that when a person controlled only a part of the body of a ...

Study Evaluates How to Eliminate Telemedicine's Virtual Waiting Room

Researchers have conducted a 10-week study to evaluate how text messaging a link to patients when their doctor is ready provides a way to connect patients and doctors without relying on the virtual ...

Haptics Device Creates Realistic Virtual Textures

Tactile sensation is an incredibly important part of how humans perceive their reality. Haptics or devices that can produce extremely specific vibrations that can mimic the sensation of touch are a ...

Study Finds Realism a Key Factor in Driving Engagement With Virtual Reality Videos

A recent study finds that realism is a key factor in determining whether viewers engage with virtual reality videos -- and that engagement is itself a key factor in determining whether viewers are ...

Video Games Can Help Boost Children's Intelligence

Scientists have studied how the screen habits of US children correlates with how their cognitive abilities develop over time. They found that the children who spent an above-average time playing ...

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