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June 26, 2023

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Generative AI Models Are Encoding Biases and Negative Stereotypes in Their Users

In the space of a few months generative AI models, such as ChatGPT, Google's Bard and Midjourney, have been adopted by more and more people in a variety of professional and personal ways. But growing research is underlining that they are encoding ...

New Microcomb Device Advances Photonic Technology

Researchers have outlined a new high-speed tunable microcomb that could help propel advances in wireless communication, imaging, atomic clocks, and ...

An App Can Transform Smartphones Into Thermometers That Accurately Detect Fevers

A team has created an app called FeverPhone, which transforms smartphones into thermometers without adding new ...

AI That Uses Sketches to Detect Objects Within an Image Could Boost Tumor Detection, and Search for Rare Bird Species

Teaching machine learning tools to detect specific objects in a specific image and discount others is a 'game-changer' that could lead to advancements in cancer detection, according to ...

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Four-Legged Robot Traverses Tricky Terrains Thanks to Improved 3D Vision

Researchers have developed a new model that trains four-legged robots to see more clearly in 3D. The advance enabled a robot to autonomously cross challenging terrain with ease -- including stairs, ...

New Superconducting Diode Could Improve Performance of Quantum Computers and Artificial Intelligence

A team has developed a more energy-efficient, tunable superconducting diode -- a promising component for future electronic devices -- that could help scale up quantum computers for industry and ...

The Digital Dark Matter Clouding AI

Scientists using artificial intelligence technology may be inviting unwanted noise into their genome analyses. Now, researchers have created a computational correction that will allow them to see ...

Shining a Light on Neuromorphic Computing

AI, machine learning, and ChatGPT may be relatively new buzzwords in the public domain, but developing a computer that functions like the human brain and nervous system -- both hardware and software ...

Quantum Computers Are Better at Guessing, New Study Demonstrates

Researchers have demonstrated a quantum speedup over the most efficient classical computer algorithm possible for what is believed to be the first time. The accomplishment was performed on an IBM ...

New Method Improves Efficiency of 'Vision Transformer' AI Systems

Vision transformers (ViTs) are powerful artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that can identify or categorize objects in images -- however, there are significant challenges related to both ...

The 'Breath' Between Atoms -- A New Building Block for Quantum Technology

Researchers have discovered they can detect atomic 'breathing,' or the mechanical vibration between two layers of atoms, by observing the type of light those atoms emitted when stimulated ...

Newborn Baby Inspires Sensor Design That Simulates Human Touch

As we move into a world where human-machine interactions are becoming more prominent, pressure sensors that are able to analyze and simulate human touch are likely to grow in ...

Self-Driving Cars Lack Social Intelligence in Traffic

Self-driving cars fall short when it comes to understanding the social codes in traffic that let human drivers decide whether to give way or drive on, according to new ...

New Tool May Help Spot 'Invisible' Brain Damage in College Athletes

An artificial intelligence computer program that processes magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can accurately identify changes in brain structure that result from repeated head injury, a new study in ...

Robot Centipedes Go for a Walk

Researchers show how their multilegged walking robot can be steered by inducing a dynamic instability. By making the couplings between segments more flexible, the robot changes from walking straight ...


Super Low-Cost Smartphone Attachment Brings Blood Pressure Monitoring to Your Fingertips

Engineers have developed a simple 3D-printed attachment that clips over a smartphone's camera and flash to measure blood pressure at the user's fingertip. The clip works with a custom ...

Making the Structure of 'Fire Ice' With Nanoparticles

Cage structures made with nanoparticles could be a route toward making organized nanostructures with mixed materials, and researchers have shown how to achieve this through computer ...

Quantum Scientists Accurately Measure Power Levels One Trillion Times Lower Than Usual

Scientists have developed a nanodevice that can measure the absolute power of microwave radiation down to the femtowatt level at ultra-low temperatures -- a scale trillion times lower than routinely ...

Breakthrough in Computer Chip Energy Efficiency Could Cut Data Center Electricity Use

Researchers have made a breakthrough toward reducing the energy consumption of the photonic chips used in data centers and ...

Effects of Crypto Mining on Texas Power Grid

Scientists are working to understand how cryptocurrency mining impacts the power grid and how to use this information for further research, education and ...

人工智能催化活化基因爱博网投官方网站Research and Uncovers Rare DNA Sequences

Biologists have used machine learning, a type of AI, to identify 'synthetic extreme' DNA sequences with specifically designed functions in gene activation. They tested 50 million DNA ...

Wiring Up Quantum Circuits With Light

The number of qubits in superconducting quantum computers has risen rapidly during the last years, but further growth is limited by the need for ultra-cold operating temperatures. Connecting several ...

New Wireless System for Greater 5G Access

A new paper on wireless connectivity introduces a new technique for increasing access to the 5G-and-beyond millimeter wave (mmWave) ...

A Better Way to Study Ocean Currents

Computer scientists and oceanographers developed a machine-learning model that generates more accurate predictions about the velocities of ocean currents. The model could help make more precise ...

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