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July 12, 2023

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The Good Advice That Could Lift People out of Poverty

Researchers have found that providing access to advice about housing, debt and benefits within food banks could help lift people out of poverty. The initiative meant that people forced to use a food bank were also able to access advice on a range of issues -- from housing and debt to ...

In Years After El Niño, Global Economy Loses Trillions

Researchers report that the financial toll of the climate pattern known as El Niño can persist for several years and cost trillions in lost income worldwide. The study, which is among the first to evaluate the long-term costs of El Niño, found that the 1982 and 1997 events led to $4.1 trillion ...

Global Research Reveals Countries Where Record-Breaking Heatwaves Are Likely to Cause Most Harm

A new study has highlighted under-prepared regions across the world most at risk of the devastating effects of scorching ...

World's Climate Plans Make for a Worrying Read

CLIMATE According to the climate plans submitted to the UN by 50 countries, 12 gigatons of CO2 per year will continue to be emitted by 2050 -- and need to be removed from the atmosphere. Among other things, countries are betting on technology and nature restoration to solve the problem of residual ...

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21st Century Economic Growth Will Be Slower Than We Thought

The global economy will grow slower in the 21st century than economists have expected, a finding that has implications for our ability to adapt to climate change in the coming decades, according to ...

News You Can Use -- To Better Predict Food Crisis Outbreaks

A team of researchers has developed a machine learning model that draws from the contents of news articles to effectively predict locations that face risks of food insecurity. The model, which could ...

How to Apply Lessons from Colorado's Costliest Wildfire to Drinking Water Systems

而社区和政府的国家wide have been facing the impact of wildfires on drinking water systems, no national synthesis of scientific and policy needs has been conducted. Now, a study ...

Paris Agreement Temperature Targets May Worsen Climate Injustice for Many Island States

While the world focuses on limiting the rise in global temperature to 1.5 or 2 degrees Celsius over the preindustrial average, increasing meltwater from ice sheets presents an existential threat to ...

'New Frontier' in Tackling Global Poverty

In a real-world test of a new tool to better evaluate anti-poverty policies, a new study shows the economic benefits of expanding electricity ...

Financial Strain Due to COVID-19 Pandemic Took Significant Toll on Adolescent Mental Health, Researchers Find

Financial stress due to the COVID-19 pandemic took a distinct toll on adolescent mental health and contributed to depressive symptoms, according to new research. The study found the effect was most ...

Water Is Critical for Success on Climate Action

Authors of a new report say that reaching climate targets depends heavily on better decisions to manage already scarce water resources. Uninformed policy choices could put freshwater supplies at risk ...

The Paris Agreement -- Better Measurement Methods Needed

The Paris Agreement says that we should reduce the emission of greenhouse gases to limit the rise in global temperature to 2 degrees Celsius. But do we have the measurement methods needed to achieve ...

Heat Waves Driven by Climate Change Have Cost Global Economy Trillions Since 1990s

Researchers report that more severe heat waves resulting from global warming have already cost the world economy trillions of dollars since the early 1990s -- with the world's poorest and lowest ...

科学家呼吁设置限制,可能Moratorium on Fishing in Antarctica's Southern Ocean

Published only days before the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources' annual meeting, this evidence-based commentary notes that current levels of fishing, combined ...

Algae-Based Food Goes Global: Scaling Up Marine Aquaculture to Produce Nutritious, Sustainable Food

Terrestrial agriculture provides the backbone of the world's food production system. A new article makes the case for increased investment in algae aquaculture systems as a means of meeting ...


Global Hunger, Carbon Emissions Could Both Spike If War Limits Grain Exports

If Russia's war in Ukraine significantly reduces grain exports, surging prices could worsen food insecurity, with increases up to 4.6% for corn and 7.2% for wheat. That also would have an ...

Professors Call for More Research Into Climate-Change Related Threats to Civilization

一篇观点文章迫切呼吁更多的研究into the specific pathways by which civilization could potentially collapse due to climate change. Scientists have warned that climate change ...

Why Some Countries Are Leading the Shift to Green Energy

A new study identifies the political factors that allow some countries to lead in adopting cleaner sources of energy while others lag behind. By analyzing how different countries responded to the ...

New Tool Assesses Which Countries Need COVID-19 Vaccines the Most

A new scoring tool that helps to 'transparently' prioritize which countries are in greatest need of COVID-19 vaccines, has been developed by ...

Five Years After Water Crisis, 1 in 5 Flint, Michigan Residents Has PTSD

A large-scale study has identified alarming rates of depression and PTSD among Flint, Michigan residents five years after their water crisis began. The public-works environmental disaster is over in ...

Crop Disruption from War in Ukraine Could Increase Global Carbon Emissions, Food Prices

New research shows the disruption of crop production after the Russian invasion of Ukraine is expected to increase carbon emissions and food prices across the globe, without easing food ...

Decarbonizing the Energy System by 2050 Could Save Trillions

Transitioning to a decarbonized energy system by around 2050 is expected to save the world at least $12 trillion compared to continuing our current levels of fossil fuel use, according to a new ...

New Study Identifies Main Drivers of Government Investment in Clean Energy Innovation

A new analysis suggests that international cooperation and competition are the main drivers of public investment in energy innovation. However, this funding remains insufficient to help meet climate ...

Growing Numbers of Native American Households in Nevada Face Plumbing Poverty, Water Quality Problems

A growing number of Native American households in Nevada have no access to indoor plumbing, a condition known as 'plumbing poverty,' according to a new ...

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