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July 12, 2023

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Social Group Values Are Most Readable in the Way We Write, New Research Finds

Analyzing the style of language used by social groups could offer insight into their values and principles that goes beyond what they publicly say about ...

Five Precepts of Buddhism May Be Linked to Lower Depression Risk

A new study suggests that people with high levels of neuroticism and stress may be at greater risk for depressive symptoms, but those links could be buffered for people who observe the five precepts ...

Witchcraft Beliefs Are Widespread, Highly Variable Around the World, Study Finds

A newly compiled dataset quantitatively captures witchcraft beliefs in countries around the world, enabling investigation of key factors associated with such ...

Learning Science in a Hurry

With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, people were plunged into a situation that required them to acquire information about an emerging scientific issue to assess the adequacy of government ...

Vaccine Confidence Declined Considerably During COVID-19 Pandemic, Study Reveals

Researchers comparing pre and post-pandemic surveys have found confidence in vaccinations is considerably lower post pandemic among all demographic ...

People With Paranormal Beliefs Spooked by Science and the COVID-19 Vaccine, Sociologists Suggest

Previous research has shown that people with conservative religious beliefs are more likely to lack confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine, but most studies have observed only mainstream or ...

Climate Change Is Making the Arba'een Pilgrimage Dangerously Hot

Hotter Iraqi summers could make dangerous heat commonplace for millions of Shia Muslim pilgrims according to a new ...

Amber Fossils from Myanmar

Myanmar, a country in Southeast Asia, is plagued by political and economic crises. The fall of a president, a military putsch and the crackdown on religious minorities have had an impact not only on ...

Lower Mortality Rates for Men 50-Plus Who Attend Religious Services, Study Suggests

Can regularly attending religious services actually extend your life? A new study suggests that men of color are discovering life affirming -- and life extending -- rewards of belonging to a ...

Religiousness, Spirituality Linked to Better Heart Health Among African Americans

In a study of nearly 3,000 African American adults, those who reported more frequent church attendance, private prayer and 'feeling God's presence' were more likely to meet the ...

Overconfidence Bolsters Anti-Scientific Views, Study Finds

Historically, the scientific community has relied on educating the public in order to increase agreement with scientific consensus. New research suggests why this approach has seen only mixed ...


Being Mindful Can Improve Your Interactions With Co-Workers, New Study Finds

Although mindfulness originates within an individual, a new study has found the benefits do not end with this person. The real payoffs emerge when an individual's mindfulness is translated into ...

Research Helps Provide Scientific Framework for Psilocybin Use in Therapeutic Settings

A new paper provides a scientific framework to help shape the rollout of a program in Oregon that will legally permit the use of psilocybin for therapeutic ...

Spirituality Can Improve Quality of Life for Heart Failure Patients, Study Finds

Numerous studies have shown that spirituality can help improve quality of life for people with chronic diseases like cancer. According to a literature review, spirituality can also have a positive ...

Small Measures Can Be a Big Help for Children of Mothers With Depression

Several new studies among Syrian refugee families in Turkey and families with infants in Sweden and Bhutan show that children of mothers in poor mental health risk falling behind in their cognitive ...

Atheists and Believers Both Have Moral Compasses, but With Key Differences

A new study suggests that, while atheists and theists share moral values related to protecting vulnerable individuals, atheists are less likely to endorse values that promote group cohesion and more ...

Robotic Dogs and Laughter Therapy: Combating Loneliness and Isolation While Social Distancing

Robotic dogs, laughter therapy and mindfulness are some of the ways that might help people -- particularly the elderly -- cope with loneliness and social isolation while social distancing, say ...

Inequality in Medieval Cambridge Was 'Recorded on the Bones' of Its Residents

Evidence of 'skeletal trauma' among over 300 individuals from three very different cemeteries reveals varying levels of physical hardship across the social spectrum of Cambridge, UK, ...

Religion, Psychology Share Methods for Reducing Distress, Study Finds

宗教人士面临life crises rely on emotion-regulation strategies that psychologists also use, a new study finds. They look for positive ways of thinking about hardship, a practice known to ...

Smartphone Surveys Find a Connection Between Daily Spiritual Experiences and Well-Being

Using smartphone check-ins twice a day for two weeks, sociologists in a national U.S. study have found a link between individuals' daily spiritual experiences and overall well-being, say ...

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