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June 18, 2023

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New Pesticide Exposure Test Developed to Protect Inexperienced Cannabis Farmers

Chemists created a more reliable, robust and efficient way to monitor pesticide exposure and help protect the health and safety of agricultural workers, especially for emerging sectors like the ...

Co-Workers Can Influence Healthy Eating Choices

The workplace can encourage a more wholesome lifestyle in employees regarding the consumption of healthy foods like fruit and vegetables, but it does not prompt them to exercise more, according to a ...

Younger Generation Experienced Most Workplace Stress During COVID-19 Pandemic, Study Finds

A new study has shown that people in the early stages of their careers were more likely to be impacted by workplace stress during the COVID-19 pandemic than senior ...

Robots Are Taking Over Jobs, but Not at the Rate You Might Think

There's no need to panic about a pending robot takeover just yet. Only 14% of workers say they've seen their job replaced by a robot. But those who have experienced job displacement due to ...

Study Finds Higher Rates of Traumatic Injuries for Outdoor Workers During Hotter Weather

Rates of traumatic injury among workers in the Oregon agricultural and construction sectors are significantly higher during periods of high heat compared with periods of more moderate weather, a ...

Motherhood at Work: Exploring Maternal Mental Health

Up to 1 in 5 women in the postpartum period will experience a mental health disorder like postpartum depression or generalized anxiety disorder. How an organization handles a mother's return to ...

Despite Flexibility, Gig Work and Insecure Income Prove Harmful to U.S. Workers, According to Study

不安全与非传统emp相关收入loyment known as 'gig work' has a negative impact on the overall health and well-being of U.S. workers, according to a new ...

Increased Use of Videoconferencing Apps During COVID-19 Pandemic Led to More Fatigue Among Workers, Study Finds

Researchers in Singapore have found that the increased use of videoconferencing platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic contributed to a higher level of fatigue, as reported by ...

Long COVID Has a Significant Impact on UK Workforce, Study Finds

Experts looking at the effects of Long COVID on the UK workforce warn it has had a significant and potentially lasting impact on labor ...

Study Reveals the Job Problems Contributing to Physician Suicide

Physical and mental health, substance use, relationships, legal matters and finances all contribute to physician suicide, a new study ...

An Engaging Leadership Style May Boost Employee Engagement

A new analysis suggests that a particular leadership style dubbed 'engaging leadership' can boost employees' engagement and enhance team effectiveness within the ...


New Research Sheds Fresh Light on the 'Presenteeism'

Employees who are unwell only engage in 'presenteeism' -- continuing to work when experiencing ill-health -- when they have not met their daily work goals, according to new ...

Rethinking Infectious Disease Control With Occupational Targeted Strategies

Physical distancing policies and particularly stay-at-home work mandates have proven highly effective at slowing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. But these measures have had numerous unwanted ...

Employers Should Nurture Friendship and Support Amongst Co-Workers to Unlock Creativity, Shows New Research

A new study reveals that care from a co-worker inspires people to be supportive to their partner at home, showing that co-workers have a significant role to play in enabling couples to cope with ...

Facing Compounding Stressors, Many American Workers Plan to Change Jobs in Coming Year

As the pandemic grinds on through a second year, many American workers are feeling the pressure, and many say they intend to leave their jobs within a year, according to a new ...

In Hot Weather, Outdoor Laborers Work Less -- When Economy Is Growing

A new analysis suggests that U.S. workers in industries that expose them to weather conditions work fewer hours per day when temperatures surpass 90 degrees Fahrenheit -- but only during periods of ...

Young Workers Now Value Respect Over 'Fun' Perks in the Workplace

Millennials, often referred to as the 'job-hopping generation,' represent a group of young workers who once grabbed the national spotlight with their publicized demands for 'fun' ...

Rude Behavior at Work Not an Epidemic, New Study Shows

Prior research shows 98 percent of employees experience rude behavior at work, but that statistic may be misunderstood, according to new ...

Companies Who Pay Scant Attention to Workers' Psychological Health Leave Employees at Higher Risk of Depression, Research Finds

紧张的工作可以在我们的人造成损失tal health, and new evidence backs up this belief. A year-long population study reveals that toxic workplaces can increase full-time workers' ...

Workplace Pandemic Protocols Impact Employee Behavior Outside Work

Employer COVID-19 safety measures influenced worker precautions even when they were not on the clock. Researchers found that workplaces that adopted measures, such as daily health checks and ...

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