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July 12, 2023

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Plastic Pollution on Coral Reefs Increases With Depth and Mostly Comes from Fishing Activities

Researchers reveal the extent of plastic pollution on coral reefs, finding that debris increases with depth, largely stems from fishing activities, and is correlated with proximity to marine protected ...

Crawford Lake, Canada, Chosen as the Primary Marker to Identify the Start of the Anthropocene Epoch

一个国际米兰national team of researchers has chosen the location which best represents the beginnings of what could be a new geological epoch, the Anthropocene. The Anthropocene Working Group have put forward Crawford Lake, in Canada, as a Global ...

Developer Dollars Not Enough to Save Species

Financial payments made by land developers to offset their impacts on threatened species may fall short, according to new ...

Conservation in Indonesia Is at Risk, a Team of Researchers Who Study the Region Argues

Indonesia, home to the largest tropical rainforest in Southeast Asia and over 17,500 islands, is a country packed with biodiversity and endangered species. However, scientists studying the region's species and ecosystems are getting banned from ...

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Deep Sea Surveys Detect Over Five Thousand New Species in Future Mining Hotspot

There is a massive, mineral-rich region in the Pacific Ocean -- about twice the size of India -- called the Clarion-Clipperton Zone (CCZ), which has already been divided up and assigned to companies ...

Montreal Protocol Is Delaying First Ice-Free Arctic Summer

New research shows that the 1987 global treaty, designed to protect the ozone layer, has postponed the occurrence of the first ice-free Arctic by as much as 15 ...

In Years After El Niño, Global Economy Loses Trillions

Researchers report that the financial toll of the climate pattern known as El Niño can persist for several years and cost trillions in lost income worldwide. The study, which is among the first to ...

Harmful Fisheries Subsidies Are Leading to More Fishing Vessels Chasing Fewer Fish, Resulting in Adverse Environmental and Societal Impacts

A recent study quantified the number of harmful fisheries subsidies that support fishing in the high seas, domestic and foreign waters and found that between 20 and 37 per cent of these subsidies ...

Immediate Carbon Cuts, Common Marine Heatwave Terminology Urged

Oceanographers provide a reality check on the limitations of carbon dioxide removal and a warning that marine heatwaves need clear definitions so communities can ...

How to Prepare for Ocean Acidification, a Framework

一个国际米兰national research team develops a rubric for governments and policymaking bodies to evaluate preparedness for ocean ...

Human and Ocean Health Impacts of Ocean Plastics

Researchers from the fields of healthcare, ocean science, and social science have collaborated to quantify plastic's considerable risks to all life on Earth. The Minderoo-Monaco Commission on ...

Going Beyond English Is Critical for Conservation

Research in languages other than English is critically important for biodiversity conservation and is shockingly under-utilized internationally, according to an international research ...

Assessing the Potential Risks of Ocean-Based Climate Intervention Technologies on Deep-Sea Ecosystems

一个国际米兰national team of experts convened remotely as part of the Deep Ocean Stewardship Initiative's Climate Working Group to consider the deep-sea impacts of ocean-based climate intervention ...

Scientists Call for Global Push to Eliminate Space Junk

As almost 200 countries agree a legally-binding treaty to protect the High Seas, a collaboration of experts in ocean plastic pollution and satellite technology has urged world leaders to learn ...

How Climate Change Threatens Asia's Water Tower

Tibet is known as the 'Water Tower of Asia,' providing water to about 2 billion people and supporting critical ecosystems in High Mountain Asia and the Tibetan Plateau, where many of the ...


Sea Level Rise Poses Particular Risk for Asian Megacities

Sea level rise this century may disproportionately affect certain Asian megacities, according to new research that looks at the effects of natural sea level fluctuations in addition to climate ...

Diets Rich in Food from the Ocean and Freshwater Sources Can Help Address Nutritional and Environmental Challenges

Blue foods -- those that come from the ocean or freshwater environments -- have tremendous potential to help address several global challenges. With careful implementation of policies that leverage ...

Feedback Loops Make Climate Action Even More Urgent, Scientists Say

Researchers have identified 26 global warming accelerators known as amplifying feedback loops that the researchers say aren't being properly included in climate models. They note that the ...

Building Higher Islands Could Save the Maldives from Sea-Level Rise, Says Study

Artificially raising island heights or building completely new higher islands have been proposed as solutions to sea-level rise in the Maldives and other low-lying nations. Researchers show that ...

Acceleration of Global Sea Level Rise Imminent Past 1.8 Degrees Planetary Warming

A study shows that an irreversible loss of the ice sheets, and a corresponding acceleration of sea level rise, may be imminent if global temperature cannot be stabilized below 1.8 degrees ...

New Land Creation on Waterfronts Increasing, Study Finds

Humans are artificially expanding cities' coastlines by extending industrial ports and creating luxury residential waterfronts. Developers have added over 2,350 square kilometers of land (900 ...

Tracking Ocean Microplastics from Space

New information about an emerging technique that could track microplastics from space has been uncovered. It turns out that satellites are best at spotting soapy or oily residue, and microplastics ...

Marine Reserves Unlikely to Restore Marine Ecosystems

Protected marine areas are one of the essential tools for the conservation of natural resources affected by human impact -- mainly fishing --, but, are they enough to recover the functioning of these ...

What Makes People Care About the Environment?

A new study analyzes the factors that drive environmental concern among Europeans in an effort to understand how we can bolster popular support for combating climate ...

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