Solar Flare News
July 3, 2023

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Molecular Filament Shielded Young Solar System from Supernova

Isotope ratios found in meteorites suggest that a supernova exploded nearby while the Sun and Solar System were still forming. But the blast wave from a supernova that close could have potentially destroyed the nascent Solar System. New calculations shows that a filament of molecular gas, which is ...

Scientists Report 'Benchmarks' for Extreme Space Weather

Extreme space weather threatens vital satellites orbiting the Earth, including the Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) which pass through the heart of the outer radiation belt. New research has now determined a series of benchmarks for the likely severity of extreme space weather events in ...

Sun's Coldest Region Stores Secret to Heating Million-Degree Corona

Researchers have unveiled the discovery of intense wave energy from a relatively cool, dark and strongly magnetized plasma region on the Sun, capable of traversing the solar atmosphere and maintaining temperatures of a million degrees Kelvin inside the corona. Researchers say the finding is the ...

Flaring Star Could Be Down to Young Planet's Disc Inferno

New simulations offer new explanation for star's 85-year flare. In this scenario, a young giant planet is burning up very close to its star, suggesting solar systems may have hosted many of such planets that have since ...

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First Ultraviolet Imaging of Sun's Middle Corona

Researchers have discovered web-like plasma structures in the Sun's middle corona. The researchers describe their innovative new observation method, imaging the middled corona in ultraviolet ...

Researchers Say Space Atomic Clocks Could Help Uncover the Nature of Dark Matter

Studying an atomic clock on-board a spacecraft inside the orbit of Mercury and very near to the Sun could be the trick to uncovering the nature of dark ...

NASA's MAVEN Observes Martian Light Show Caused by Major Solar Storm

For the first time in its eight years orbiting Mars, NASA's MAVEN mission witnessed two different types of ultraviolet aurorae simultaneously, the result of solar storms that began on Aug. ...

Tree Rings Offer Insight Into Devastating Radiation Storms

A new study has shed new light on a mysterious, unpredictable and potentially devastating kind of astrophysical ...

Where Do High-Energy Particles That Endanger Satellites, Astronauts and Airplanes Come From?

Astrophysicists show how and when specific particles form and offers clues to questions that have troubled scientists since the ...

MAVEN and EMM Make First Observations of Patchy Proton Aurora at Mars

NASA's MAVEN and the United Arab Emirates' EMM missions have released joint observations of dynamic proton aurora events at Mars. By combining the observations, scientists determined that ...

NASA Schedules PUNCH Mission to Launch in 2025

More than 60 engineers and scientists are gathering at Southwest Research Institute Aug. 23-24 to kick off the launch vehicle collaboration for NASA's Polarimeter to Unify the Corona and ...

Hubble Sees Red Supergiant Star Betelgeuse Slowly Recovering After Blowing Its Top

The star Betelgeuse appears as a brilliant, ruby-red, twinkling spot of light in the upper right shoulder of the winter constellation Orion the Hunter. But when viewed close up, astronomers know it ...

Particle Accelerator Region Revealed Inside a Solar Flare

A new study offers direct evidence showing where near-light speed particle acceleration occurs inside the largest explosion known in the solar system, the solar ...

Physicists Explain How Type of Aurora on Mars Is Formed

Researchers have learned how a type of aurora on Mars is formed. The physicists report discrete aurora form through the interaction of the solar wind and the crust at Mars' southern ...

A Roadmap for Deepening Understanding of a Puzzling Universal Process

Scientists have detailed a roadmap for untangling a key aspect of magnetic recognition that could deepen insight into the workings of the ...


Mercury Has Magnetic Storms

一个国际科学家小组已经证明那t Mercury, our solar system's smallest planet, has geomagnetic storms similar to those on Earth. Their finding, a first, answers the question of ...

Scientists Solve Solar Secret

The further we move away from a heat source, the cooler the air gets. Bizarrely, the same can't be said for the surface of the Sun, but scientists may have just explained a key part of ...

Nearby Star Could Help Explain Why Our Sun Didn’t Have Sunspots for 70 Years

Astronomers identified a nearby star whose sunspot cycles appear to have stopped. Studying this star might help explain the unusual period from the mid 1600s to the early 1700s when our Sun paused ...

Magnetic Reconnection Breakthrough May Help Predict Space Weather

Researchers have recently discovered a breakthrough in magnetic reconnection that could ultimately help predict space ...

A Solar Illusion: Coronal Loops May Not Be What They Seem

Many coronal loops -- ropey strands of plasma that scientists have long thought existed in the sun's atmosphere -- may actually be optical illusions, according to a new paper that challenges ...

Deep Neural Network to Find Hidden Turbulent Motion on the Sun

Scientists developed a neural network deep learning technique to extract hidden turbulent motion information from observations of the Sun. Tests on three different sets of simulation data showed that ...

Scientists Explain Mysterious Finger-Like Features in Solar Flares

Astronomers have presented a new explanation for the mysterious downward-moving dark voids seen in some solar ...

Ancient Ice Reveals Mysterious Solar Storm

Through analysis of ice cores from Greenland and Antarctica, a research team has found evidence of an extreme solar storm that occurred about 9,200 years ago. What puzzles the researchers is that the ...

A Spacecraft Has 'Touched' the Sun for the First Time

On April 28, 2021, NASA's Parker Solar Probe reached the sun's extended solar atmosphere, known as the corona, and spent five hours there. The spacecraft is the first to enter the outer ...

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