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June 19, 2023

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Weigh a Quasar's Galaxy With Precision

Scientists have managed to weigh -- more precisely than any other technique -- a galaxy hosting a quasar, thanks to the fact that it acts as a gravitational lens. Detection of strong gravitational lensing quasars is expected to multiply with the launch of Euclid this ...

First Detection of Secondary Supermassive Black Hole in a Well-Known Binary System

An international team of astronomers observed the second one of the two supermassive black holes circling each other in an active galaxy OJ ...

Webb Space Telescope Detects Universe's Most Distant Complex Organic Molecules

Researchers have detected complex organic molecules in a galaxy more than 12 billion light-years away from Earth -- the most distant galaxy in which these molecules are now known to exist. Thanks to the capabilities of the recently launched James ...

NASA's Webb Space Telescope Peers Behind Bars

A delicate tracery of dust and bright star clusters threads across this image from the James Webb Space Telescope. The bright tendrils of gas and stars belong to the barred spiral galaxy NGC 5068, whose bright central bar is visible in the upper left of this image -- a composite from two of Webb's ...

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Astronomers Detect 'Nearby' Black Hole Devouring a Star

Astronomers have discovered a new 'tidal disruption event,' in which the center of a galaxy lights up as its supermassive black hole rips apart a passing star. The outburst is the closest ...

Most Massive Touching Stars Ever Found Will Eventually Collide as Black Holes

A new study looked at a known binary star (two stars orbiting around a mutual center of gravity), analyzing starlight obtained from a range of ground- and space-based telescopes. The researchers ...

Direct Image of a Black Hole Expelling a Powerful Jet

Astronomers have observed, in one image, the shadow of the black hole at the center of the galaxy Messier 87 (M87) and the powerful jet expelled from it. Thanks to this new image, astronomers can ...

Astronomers Solve the 60-Year Mystery of Quasars -- The Most Powerful Objects in the Universe

Scientists have unlocked one of the biggest mysteries of quasars -- the brightest, most powerful objects in the Universe -- by discovering that they are ignited by galaxies ...

Medium-Sized Black Holes Eat Stars Like Messy Toddlers

In new 3D computer simulations, astrophysicists modeled black holes of varying masses and then hurled stars (about the size of our sun) past them to see what might happen. If they exist, ...

Webb Reveals Early-Universe Prequel to Huge Galaxy Cluster

Every giant was once a baby, though you may never have seen them at that stage of their development. NASA's James Webb Space Telescope has begun to shed light on formative years in the history ...

A Sharper Look at the M87 Black Hole

The iconic image of the supermassive black hole at the center of M87 has gotten its first official makeover based on a new machine learning technique called PRIMO. The team used the data achieved the ...

M87 in 3D: New View of Galaxy Helps Pin Down Mass of the Black Hole at Its Core

From Earth, giant elliptical galaxies resemble highly symmetric blobs, but what's their real 3D structure? Astronomers have assembled one of the first 3D views of a giant elliptical galaxy, M87, ...

James Webb Space Telescope Images Challenge Theories of How Universe Evolved

Astronomers find that six of the earliest and most massive galaxy candidates observed by the James Webb Space Telescope so far appear to have converted nearly 100% of their available gas into stars, ...

Researchers Discover Tiny Galaxy With Big Star Power Using James Webb Telescope

Using new observations from the James Webb Space Telescope, astronomers looked more than 13 billion years into the past to discover a unique, minuscule galaxy that could help astronomers learn more ...

Hubble Sees Possible Runaway Black Hole Creating a Trail of Stars

There's an invisible monster on the loose, barreling through intergalactic space so fast that if it were in our solar system, it could travel from Earth to the Moon in 14 minutes. This ...


Hubble Unexpectedly Finds Double Quasar in Distant Universe

The early universe was a rambunctious place where galaxies often bumped into each other and even merged together. Using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope and other space and ground-based ...

Galaxy Clusters Yield New Evidence for Standard Model of Cosmology

A new study probing the structure and evolution of galaxy clusters shows good agreement with the predictions of standard cosmological ...

'Taffy Galaxies' Collide, Leave Behind Bridge of Star-Forming Material

The Gemini North telescope, one half of the International Gemini Observatory, operated by NSF's NOIRLab, captured a dazzling image of UGC 12914 and UGC 12915, which are nicknamed the Taffy ...

Astronomers Witness the Birth of a Very Distant Cluster of Galaxies from the Early Universe

Astronomers have discovered a large reservoir of hot gas in the still-forming galaxy cluster around the Spiderweb galaxy -- the most distant detection of such hot gas yet. Galaxy clusters are some of ...

How Cosmic Winds Transform Galactic Environments

Much like how wind plays a key role in life on Earth by sweeping seeds, pollen and more from one place to another, galactic winds -- high-powered streams of charged particles and gases -- can change ...

Artificial Intelligence Discovers Secret Equation for 'Weighing' Galaxy Clusters

Astrophysicists have leveraged artificial intelligence to uncover a better way to estimate the mass of colossal clusters of galaxies. The AI discovered that by just adding a simple term to an ...

Galaxy Changes Classification as Jet Changes Direction

A team of international astronomers have discovered a galaxy that has changed classification due to unique activity within its core. The galaxy, named PBC J2333.9-2343, was previously classified as a ...

AI Draws Most Accurate Map of Star Birthplaces in the Galaxy

Scientists identified about 140,000 molecular clouds in the Milky Way Galaxy from large-scale data of carbon monoxide molecules, observed in detail by the Nobeyama 45-m radio telescope. Using ...

Baby Star Near the Black Hole in the Middle of Our Milky Way: It Exists After All

Scientists have detected the heaviest and youngest infant star ever discovered close to the black hole at the center of our Galaxy. They also identified the region where this 'impossible ...

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