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July 3, 2023

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Don't Wait, Desalinate: A New Approach to Water Purification

A water purification system separates out salt and other unnecessary particles with an electrified version of dialysis. Successfully applied to wastewater with planned expansion into rivers and seas, the method saves money and saps 90% less energy than its ...

Vastly More Sustainable, Cost-Effective Method to Desalinate Industrial Wastewater

Engineers are developing a cutting-edge process that can reduce energy consumption and cost of water ...

Engineers 'Strike Gold' With Innovation That Recovers Heavy Metals from Biosolids

Engineers have developed a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to remove heavy metals, including copper and zinc, from biosolids. The team's work advances other methods for heavy-metal removal by recycling the acidic liquid waste that is ...

To Boost Supply Chains, Scientists Are Looking at Ways to Recover Valuable Materials from Water

Researchers are exploring the different ways of harvesting materials from ...

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Displays Controlled by Flexible Fins and Liquid Droplets More Versatile, Efficient Than LED Screens

Flexible displays that can change color, convey information and even send veiled messages via infrared radiation are now possible, thanks to new research. Engineers inspired by the morphing skins of ...

Physicists Take the Temperature of Fluid Flows and Discover New Role for Turbulence

A team of physicists has discovered a new role for a specific type of turbulence -- a finding that sheds light on fluid flows ranging from the Earth's liquid core to boiling ...

Physicists Discover 'Stacked Pancakes of Liquid Magnetism'

Physicists have discovered stacked pancakes of 'liquid' magnetism that may account for the strange electronic behavior of some layered helical ...

Extracting the Best Flavor from Coffee

Researchers explore the role of uneven coffee extraction using a simple mathematical model. They split the coffee into two regions to examine whether uneven flow does in fact make weaker espresso. ...

Why Do Champagne Bubbles Rise the Way They Do? Scientists' New Discovery Is Worthy of a Toast

ere are some scientific findings worthy of a toast: Researchers have explained why bubbles in Champagne fizz up in a straight line while bubbles in other carbonated drinks, like beer or soda, ...

Too Much Water Can Make Whiskies Taste the Same

While adding a little water is popularly thought to 'open up' the flavor of whisky, a new study indicates there's a point at which it becomes too much: about 20%. Researchers ...

The Future Is Foggy for Arctic Shipping

As the Arctic warms and loses sea ice, trans-Arctic shipping has increased, reducing travel time and costs for international trade. However, a new study finds that the Arctic Ocean is getting foggier ...

Is the Ocean a Solution for Ushering in the Era of Environmentally Friendly Energy?

研究人员证实海水英航的优越性tteries that use chelating ...

How Spheres Become Worms

A previously unknown form of hydrogel formation has been elucidated: chemists found unusual interactions between ...

Progress in Alternative Battery Technology

It is not easy to make batteries cheap, efficient, durable, safe and environmentally friendly at the same time. Researchers have now succeeded in uniting all of these characteristics in zinc metal ...

Treating Polluted Water With Nanofiber Membranes

Researchers develop a fabrication method to increase the efficacy and longevity of membrane separation technology. The team created a nanofibrous membrane with electrospinning, in which a liquid ...


Improving Bloodstain Pattern Analysis With Fluid Dynamics

Researchers model the behavior of blood drops during secondary atomization to examine how the phenomenon affects a crime scene. The team examined different starting droplet sizes, confirming their ...

Even as Temperatures Rise, This Hydrogel Material Keeps Absorbing Moisture

Engineers find the hydrogel polyethylene glycol (PEG) doubles its water absorption as temperatures climb from 25 to 50 C, and could be useful for passive cooling or water harvesting in warm ...

Filtering Pollution: A Microfluidic Device for Collecting Microplastics Via Acoustic Focusing

Microplastics (MPs), plastic debris smaller than 5 mm, indirectly harm the environment. They are traditionally collected and removed from water by filtering through meshes, which is inefficient. ...

Recovering Rare Earth Elements in Environmental Water

A research group has succeeded in selectively recovering trace rare earth elements in synthetic seawater and environmental water, such as hot spring water, using baker's yeast with a phosphate ...

Multi-Compartment Membranes for Multicellular Robots: Everybody Needs Some Body

We typically think of robots as metal objects, filled with motors and circuits. But the field of molecular robotics is starting to change that. Like the formation of complex living organisms, ...

Your Fork Could Someday Be Made of Sugar, Wood Powders and Degrade on-Demand

Single-use hard plastics are all around us: utensils, party decorations and food containers, to name a few examples. These items pile up in landfills, and many biodegradable versions stick around for ...

Two-Dimensional Nanoparticles With Great Potential

A research team has discovered how catalysts and many other nanoplatelets can be produced in an environmentally friendly way from readily available materials and in sufficient ...

航行货船可以受益于新的Aerodynamic Tech

A research team has demonstrated a unique method that reduces the aerodynamic resistance of ships by 7.5 per cent. This opens the way for large cargo ships borne across the oceans by wind alone, as ...

Researchers Devise New Membrane Mirrors for Large Space-Based Telescopes

Researchers have developed a new way to produce and shape large, high-quality mirrors that are much thinner than the primary mirrors previously used for telescopes deployed in space. The resulting ...

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