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June 25, 2023

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Nanophotonics: Coupling Light and Matter

Researchers have developed a metasurface that enables strong coupling effects between light and transition metal dichalcogenides ...

Making the Most of Minuscule Metal Mandalas

To unveil the previously elusive behavior and stability of complex metal compounds found in aqueous solutions called 'POMs', researchers have created a speciation atlas. This achievement has the potential to drive new discoveries and advancements in fields like catalysis, medicine, and ...

Stronger Tape Engineered Through the Art of Cutting

What if you could make adhesives both strong and easily removable? This seemingly paradoxical combination of properties could dramatically change applications in robotic grasping, wearables for health monitoring, and manufacturing for assembly and recycling. A team has adapted kirigami, the ancient ...

When Soft Spheres Make Porous Media Stiffer

Porous media such as concrete physically represent a spherical packing of different components -- in this case cement, rock and water. The mechanical properties of such mixtures are still difficult to calculate due to their discretized nature. A team has now been able to investigate an unexpected ...

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To Boost Supply Chains, Scientists Are Looking at Ways to Recover Valuable Materials from Water

Researchers are exploring the different ways of harvesting materials from ...

Engineers Develop a Soft, Printable, Metal-Free Electrode

Engineers developed a metal-free, Jelly-like material that is as soft and tough as biological tissue and can conduct electricity similarly to conventional metals. The new material, which is a type of ...

This Salty Gel Could Harvest Water from Desert Air

Engineers synthesized a superabsorbent material that can soak up a record amount of moisture from the air, even in desert-like ...

Cleaner Air With a Cold Catalytic Converter

Although passenger vehicle catalytic converters have been mandatory for over 30 years, there is still plenty of room for improvement. For instance, they only work correctly when the engine is ...

Energy Harvesting Via Vibrations: Researchers Develop Highly Durable and Efficient Device

An international research group has engineered a new energy-generating device by combining piezoelectric composites with carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP), a commonly used material that is both ...

A 'Spy' in the Belly

To ensure that wounds remain tightly sealed in the abdomen after surgery, researchers have developed a patch with a sensor function. The polymer patch warns before the occurrence of dangerous leaks ...

Terahertz-to-Visible Light Conversion for Future Telecommunications

A study demonstrates that graphene-based materials can be used to efficiently convert high-frequency signals into visible light, and that this mechanism is ultrafast and tunable. These outcomes open ...

Nanomaterials: 3D Printing of Glass Without Sintering

A new process enables printing of nanometer-scale quartz glass structures directly onto semiconductor chips. A hybrid organic-inorganic polymer resin is used as feedstock material for 3D printing of ...

Photosynthesis, Key to Life on Earth, Starts With a Single Photon

A cutting-edge experiment has revealed the quantum dynamics of one of nature's most crucial ...

For Experimental Physicists, Quantum Frustration Leads to Fundamental Discovery

A team of physicists recently announced that they have discovered a new phase of matter. Called the 'chiral bose-liquid state,' the discovery opens a new path in the age-old effort to ...

Metamaterials With Built-in Frustration Have Mechanical Memory

Researchers have discovered how to design materials that necessarily have a point or line where the material doesn't deform under stress, and that even remember how they have been poked or ...


Treatment Creates Steel Alloys With Superior Strength and Plasticity

A new treatment for high-quality steel alloys appears to confer super-plasticity in a manner researchers cannot fully ...

Hybrid AI-Powered Computer Vision Combines Physics and Big Data

Researchers have laid out a new approach to enhance artificial intelligence-powered computer vision technologies by adding physics-based awareness to data-driven techniques. The study offered an ...

Shining Potential of Missing Atoms

Single photons have applications in quantum computation, information networks, and sensors, and these can be emitted by defects in the atomically thin insulator hexagonal boron nitride (hBN). Missing ...

Microplastics Stick Around in Human Airways

Inhaled microplastics can pose serious health risks, so understanding how they travel in the respiratory system is essential for prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases. Researchers develop ...

Aluminium-Ion Batteries With Improved Storage Capacity

Scientists develop positive electrode material using an organic redox polymer based on phenothiazine. Aluminium-ion batteries containing this material stored an unprecedented 167 milliampere hours ...

A Baking Soda Solution for Clean Hydrogen Storage

Scientists investigate the promising properties of a common, Earth-abundant ...

一本小说, Completely Solid, Rechargeable Air Battery

Solid-state batteries use solid electrodes and solid electrolytes, unlike the more commonly known lithium-ion batteries, which use liquid electrolytes. Solid-state batteries overcome various ...

New Material Transforms Light, Creating New Possibilities for Sensors

A new class of materials that can absorb low energy light and transform it into higher energy light might lead to more efficient solar panels, more accurate medical imaging and better night vision ...

New Method Enables Study of Nano-Sized Particles

Researchers have created a new method of studying the smallest bioparticles in the body. The study has considerable scientific potential, such as in the development of more effective ...

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