Inorganic Chemistry News
July 2, 2023

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Discovering Features of Band Topology in Amorphous Thin Films

Topological materials' unique properties make them a great choice for making next-generation devices. In order to exploit them, it was thought that crystalline materials, where atoms are highly ordered, were needed. But now, a research group has verified that even amorphous materials, where atoms ...

Scientists Designed New Enzyme Using Antarctic Bacteria and Computer Calculations

For the first time, researchers have succeeded in predicting how to change the optimum temperature of an enzyme using large computer calculations. A cold-adapted enzyme from an Antarctic bacterium was used as a ...

Soft, Ultrathin Photonic Material Cools Down Wearable Electronic Devices

Overheating of wearable skin-like electronic devices increases the risk of skin burning and results in performance degradation. A research team has now invented a photonic material-based 'soft, ultrathin, radiative-cooling interface' that greatly enhances heat dissipation in devices, with ...

Researchers Demonstrate Single-Molecule Electronic 'Switch' Using Ladder-Like Molecules

Researchers have demonstrated a new material for single-molecule electronic switches, which can effectively vary current at the nanoscale in response to external stimuli. The material for this molecular switch has a unique structure created by ...

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Surprise! Weaker Bonds Can Make Polymers Stronger

Chemists discovered a new way to make polymers stronger: introduce a few weaker bonds into the material. Working with polyacrylate elastomers, they could increase the materials' resistance to ...

Stronger Tape Engineered Through the Art of Cutting

如果你能让粘合剂强劲和easily removable? This seemingly paradoxical combination of properties could dramatically change applications in robotic grasping, wearables for ...

Physicists Discover a New Switch for Superconductivity

A study sheds surprising light on how certain superconductors undergo a 'nematic transition' -- unlocking new, superconducting behavior. The results could help identify unconventional ...

Engineers 'Strike Gold' With Innovation That Recovers Heavy Metals from Biosolids

Engineers have developed a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to remove heavy metals, including copper and zinc, from biosolids. The team's work advances other methods for ...

Clean, Sustainable Fuels Made 'from Thin Air' and Plastic Waste

Researchers have demonstrated how carbon dioxide can be captured from industrial processes -- or even directly from the air -- and transformed into clean, sustainable fuels using just the energy from ...

Engineers Develop a Soft, Printable, Metal-Free Electrode

Engineers developed a metal-free, Jelly-like material that is as soft and tough as biological tissue and can conduct electricity similarly to conventional metals. The new material, which is a type of ...

Cleaner Air With a Cold Catalytic Converter

Although passenger vehicle catalytic converters have been mandatory for over 30 years, there is still plenty of room for improvement. For instance, they only work correctly when the engine is ...

A 'Spy' in the Belly

To ensure that wounds remain tightly sealed in the abdomen after surgery, researchers have developed a patch with a sensor function. The polymer patch warns before the occurrence of dangerous leaks ...

Nanomaterials: 3D Printing of Glass Without Sintering

A new process enables printing of nanometer-scale quartz glass structures directly onto semiconductor chips. A hybrid organic-inorganic polymer resin is used as feedstock material for 3D printing of ...

Photosynthesis, Key to Life on Earth, Starts With a Single Photon

一个尖端实验揭示了量子dynamics of one of nature's most crucial ...

For Experimental Physicists, Quantum Frustration Leads to Fundamental Discovery

最近一个物理学家团队announced that they have discovered a new phase of matter. Called the 'chiral bose-liquid state,' the discovery opens a new path in the age-old effort to ...


A Baking Soda Solution for Clean Hydrogen Storage

Scientists investigate the promising properties of a common, Earth-abundant ...

A Novel, Completely Solid, Rechargeable Air Battery

Solid-state batteries use solid electrodes and solid electrolytes, unlike the more commonly known lithium-ion batteries, which use liquid electrolytes. Solid-state batteries overcome various ...

New Material Transforms Light, Creating New Possibilities for Sensors

A new class of materials that can absorb low energy light and transform it into higher energy light might lead to more efficient solar panels, more accurate medical imaging and better night vision ...

Breaking Through the Limits of Stretchable Semiconductors With Molecular Brakes That Harness Light

A research team develops a highly stretchable and high-performance organic polymer ...

Sustainable Technique to Manufacture Chemicals

A newly published study details a novel mechanochemistry method that can produce chemicals using less energy and without the use of solvents that produce toxic ...

Breakthrough: Scientists Develop Artificial Molecules That Behave Like Real Ones

Scientists have developed synthetic molecules that resemble real organic molecules. A collaboration of researcher can now simulate the behavior of real molecules by using artificial ...

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall... Now We Know There Are Chiral Phonons for Sure

New findings settle the dispute: phonons can be chiral. This fundamental concept, discovered using circular X-ray light, sees phonons twisting like a corkscrew through ...

Physicists Discover an Exotic Material Made of Bosons

Take a lattice -- a flat section of a grid of uniform cells, like a window screen or a honeycomb -- and lay another, similar lattice above it. But instead of trying to line up the edges or the cells ...

Calculation Shows Why Heavy Quarks Get Caught Up in the Flow

Theorists have calculated how quickly a melted soup of quarks and gluons -- the building blocks of protons and neutrons -- transfers its momentum to heavy quarks. The calculation will help explain ...

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