Quantum Physics News
June 25, 2023

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Nanophotonics: Coupling Light and Matter

Researchers have developed a metasurface that enables strong coupling effects between light and transition metal dichalcogenides ...

Combining Twistronics With Spintronics Could Be the Next Giant Leap in Quantum Electronics

Quantum researchers twist double bilayers of an antiferromagnet to demonstrate tunable moiré ...

Groundwork for Future Ultra-Precise Timing Links to Geosynchronous Satellites

Scientists have demonstrated a capability long sought by physicists: transmitting extremely precise time signals through the air between far-flung locations at powers that are compatible with future space-based missions. The results could enable ...

Einstein and Euler Put to the Test at the Edge of the Universe

The cosmos is a unique laboratory for testing the laws of physics, in particular those of Euler and Einstein. Euler described the movements of celestial objects, while Einstein described the way in which celestial objects distort the Universe. Since the discovery of dark matter and the acceleration ...

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Researchers Demonstrate Secure Information Transfer Using Spatial Correlations in Quantum Entangled Beams of Light

Researchers have demonstrated the principle of using spatial correlations in quantum entangled beams of light to encode information and enable its secure ...

The 'Breath' Between Atoms -- A New Building Block for Quantum Technology

Researchers have discovered they can detect atomic 'breathing,' or the mechanical vibration between two layers of atoms, by observing the type of light those atoms emitted when stimulated ...

First X-Ray of a Single Atom

Scientists have taken the world's first X-ray SIGNAL (or SIGNATURE) of just one atom. This groundbreaking achievement could revolutionize the way scientists detect the ...

A Nanocrystal Shines on and Off Indefinitely

Optical probes have led to numerous breakthroughs in applications like optical memory, nanopatterning, and bioimaging, but existing options have limited lifespans and will eventually ...

Symmetry Breaking by Ultrashort Light Pulses Opens New Quantum Pathways for Coherent Phonons

Researchers have demonstrated a novel concept for exciting and probing coherent phonons in crystals of a transiently broken symmetry. The key of this concept lies in reducing the symmetry of a ...

Forging a Dream Material With Semiconductor Quantum Dots

Researchers have succeeded in creating a 'superlattice' of semiconductor quantum dots that can behave like a metal, potentially imparting exciting new properties to this popular class of ...

Snapshots of Photoinjection

Ultrafast laser physicists from the attoworld team have gained new insights into the dynamics of electrons in solids immediately after ...

Quantum Scientists Accurately Measure Power Levels One Trillion Times Lower Than Usual

Scientists have developed a nanodevice that can measure the absolute power of microwave radiation down to the femtowatt level at ultra-low temperatures -- a scale trillion times lower than routinely ...

'A Blessing in Disguise!' Physics Turning Bad Into Good

Light is a very delicate and vulnerable property. Light can be absorbed or reflected at the surface of a material depending on the matter's properties or change its form and be converted into ...

Quantum Matter Breakthrough: Tuning Density Waves

Scientists have found a new way to create a crystalline structure called a 'density wave' in an atomic gas. The findings can help us better understand the behavior of quantum matter, one of ...

Uncovering Universal Physics in the Dynamics of a Quantum System

New experiments using one-dimensional gases of ultra-cold atoms reveal a universality in how quantum systems composed of many particles change over time following a large influx of energy that throws ...


Curved Spacetime in a Quantum Simulator

The connection between quantum physics and the theory of relativity is extremely hard to study. But now, scientists have set up a model system, which can help: Quantum particles can be tuned in such ...

With New Experimental Method, Researchers Probe Spin Structure in 2D Materials for First Time

In the study, a team of researchers describe what they believe to be the first measurement showing direct interaction between electrons spinning in a 2D material and photons coming from microwave ...

研究人员使用人工智能Discove爱博网投官方网站r New Materials for Advanced Computing

Researchers have identified novel van der Waals (vdW) magnets using cutting-edge tools in artificial intelligence (AI). In particular, the team identified transition metal halide vdW materials with ...

Physicists Discover 'Stacked Pancakes of Liquid Magnetism'

Physicists have discovered stacked pancakes of 'liquid' magnetism that may account for the strange electronic behavior of some layered helical ...

Quantum Electrodynamics Verified With Exotic Atoms

Adapting a detector developed for space X-ray observation, researchers have successfully verify strong-field quantum electrodynamics with exotic ...

Leaky-Wave Metasurfaces: A Perfect Interface Between Free-Space and Integrated Optical Systems

Researchers have developed a new class of integrated photonic devices -- 'leaky-wave metasurfaces' -- that convert light initially confined in an optical waveguide to an arbitrary optical ...

Symmetric Graphene Quantum Dots for Future Qubits

Quantum dots in semiconductors such as silicon or gallium arsenide have long been considered hot candidates for hosting quantum bits in future quantum processors. Scientists have now shown that ...

Quantum Lidar Prototype Acquires Real-Time 3D Images While Fully Submerged Underwater

Researchers have demonstrated a prototype lidar system that uses quantum detection technology to acquire 3D images while submerged underwater. The high sensitivity of this system could allow it to ...

Researchers Develop Manual for Engineering Spin Dynamics in Nanomagnets

An international team of researchers has developed a comprehensive manual for engineering spin dynamics in nanomagnets -- an important step toward advancing spintronic and quantum-information ...

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