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July 4, 2023

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Combining Twistronics With Spintronics Could Be the Next Giant Leap in Quantum Electronics

Quantum researchers twist double bilayers of an antiferromagnet to demonstrate tunable moiré ...

Researchers Discover Materials Exhibiting Huge Magnetoresistance

With the need for hardware to process large amounts of digital information ever growing, researchers are working hard to improve magnetoresistive devices. The magnetoresistance ratio indicates the efficiency of these devices, the higher the better. Most magnetoresistive devices comprise magnesium ...

For Experimental Physicists, Quantum Frustration Leads to Fundamental Discovery

A team of physicists recently announced that they have discovered a new phase of matter. Called the 'chiral bose-liquid state,' the discovery opens a new path in the age-old effort to understand the nature of the physical ...

With New Experimental Method, Researchers Probe Spin Structure in 2D Materials for First Time

In the study, a team of researchers describe what they believe to be the first measurement showing direct interaction between electrons spinning in a 2D material and photons coming from microwave ...

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Engineers Discover a New Way to Control Atomic Nuclei as 'Qubits'

Researchers propose a new approach to making qubits, the basic units in quantum computing, and controlling them to read and write data. The method is based on measuring and controlling the spins of ...

Chiral Phonons Create Spin Current Without Needing Magnetic Materials

Researchers chiral phonons to convert wasted heat into spin information -- without needing magnetic materials. The finding could lead to new classes of less expensive, energy-efficient spintronic ...

Amplified Search for New Forces

In the search for new forces and interactions beyond the Standard Model, an international team of researchers has now taken a good step forward. The researchers are using an amplification technique ...

Magnetic Sandwich Mediating Between Two Worlds

An international research team has developed a new method for the efficient coupling of terahertz waves with much shorter wavelengths, so-called spin waves. Their experiments, in combination with ...

New Method to Control Electron Spin Paves the Way for Efficient Quantum Computers

Researchers have developed a new method for manipulating information in quantum systems by controlling the spin of electrons in silicon quantum dots. The results provide a promising new mechanism for ...

Qubits on Strong Stimulants

In the global push for practical quantum networks and quantum computers, an international team of researchers has demonstrated a leap in preserving the quantum coherence of quantum dot spin ...

Spin Transport Measured Through Molecular Films Now Long Enough to Develop Spintronic Devices

A research group has succeeded in measuring spin transport in a thin film of specific molecules -- a material well-known in organic light emitting diodes -- at room temperature. They found that this ...

At the Edge of Graphene-Based Electronics

Researchers developed a new graphene-based nanoelectronics platform compatible with conventional microelectronics manufacturing, paving the way for a successor to ...

Dynamical Fractal Discovered in Clean Magnetic Crystal

Researchers have uncovered an altogether new type of fractal appearing in a class of magnets called spin ices. The discovery was surprising because the fractals were seen in a clean three-dimensional ...

Long-Range Information Transport in Antiferromagnets

Physicists have developed a completely new class of materials for transporting spin waves: antiferromagnets with tilted magnetic ...

Spin Correlation Between Paired Electrons Demonstrated

Physicists have experimentally demonstrated for the first time that there is a negative correlation between the two spins of an entangled pair of electrons from a superconductor. For their study, the ...


Transformation Between Different Topological Spin Textures

The transformation between skyrmions and bimerons has now been realized by ...

Novel Nanowire Fabrication Technique Paves Way for Next Generation Spintronics

The challenge of fabricating nanowires directly on silicon substrates for the creation of the next generation of electronics has finally been solved. Next generation spintronics will lead to better ...

'Kagome' Metallic Crystal Adds New Spin to Electronics

Researchers have found that a novel metallic crystal displays unusual electronic behavior on its surface, thanks to the crystal's unique atomic structure. Their findings open up the possibility ...

New Hybrid Structures Could Pave the Way to More Stable Quantum Computers

A new way to combine two materials with special electrical properties -- a monolayer superconductor and a topological insulator -- provides the best platform to date to explore an unusual form of ...

First Quasiparticle Bose-Einstein Condensate

Scientists have created a Bose-Einstein condensate out of excitons -- quasiparticles that combine electrons and positively charged 'holes' -- in a semiconductor. Quasiparticle Bose-Einstein ...

Dynamics in One-Dimensional Spin Chains Newly Elucidated

中子散射被认为是赵的方法ice for investigating magnetic structures and excitations in quantum materials. Now, for the first time, the evaluation of measurement data from the ...

For the Longest Time: Quantum Computing Engineers Set New Standard in Silicon Chip Performance

Engineers have substantially extended the time that their quantum computing processors can hold information by more than 100 times compared to previous ...

Full Control of a Six-Qubit Quantum Processor in Silicon

Researchers have engineered a record number of six, silicon-based, spin qubits in a fully interoperable array. Importantly, the qubits can be operated with a low error-rate that is achieved with a ...

'Twisty' Photons Could Turbocharge Next-Gen Quantum Communication

量子研究人员演示了一个方法encoding vastly more information into a single photon, opening the door to even faster and more powerful quantum communication ...

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