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July 3, 2023

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Lessons in Sustainability, Evolution and Human Adaptation -- Courtesy of the Holocene

The El Gigante rockshelter in western Honduras is among only a handful of archaeological sites in the Americas that contain well-preserved botanical remains spanning the last 11,000 years. Considered one of the most important archaeological sites ...

Remains at Crenshaw Site Are Local, Ancestors of Caddo

Hundreds of human skulls and mandibles recovered from the Crenshaw site in southwest Arkansas are the remains of ancestors of the Caddo Nation and not foreign enemies, according to a new ...

Study Shows Ancient Alaskans Were Freshwater Fishers

A scientific team has discovered the earliest-known evidence of freshwater fishing by ancient people in the Americas. The research offers a glimpse at how early humans used a changing landscape and could offer insight for modern people facing similar ...

Climate Change Likely Led to Violence in Early Andean Populations

Climate change in current times has created problems for humans such as wildfires and reduced growing seasons for staple crops, spilling over into economic effects. Many researchers predict, and have observed in published literature, an increase in interpersonal violence and homicides when ...

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Surprising Similarities in Stone Tools of Early Humans and Monkeys

Researchers have discovered artefacts produced by old world monkeys in Thailand that resemble stone tools, which historically have been identified as intentionally made by early hominins. Until now, ...

Bronze Age Well Contents Reveal the History of Animal Resources in Mycenae, Greece

A large Bronze Age debris deposit in Mycenae, Greece provides important data for understanding the history of animal resources at the site, according to a new ...

Waxing and Waning of Environment Influences Hominin Dispersals Across Ancient Iran

A world-first model of paleoclimate and hydrology in Iran has highlighted favourable routes for Neanderthals and modern human expansions eastwards into Asia. The findings reveal that multiple humid ...

Deadly Waves: Researchers Document Evolution of Plague Over Hundreds of Years in Medieval Denmark

Scientists who study the origins and evolution of the plague have examined hundreds of ancient human teeth from Denmark, seeking to address longstanding questions about its arrival, persistence and ...

Mummified Crocodiles Provide Insights Into Mummy-Making Over Time

Crocodiles were mummified in a unique way at the Egyptian site of Qubbat al-Hawa during the 5th Century BC, according to a new ...

DNA from Archaeological Remains Shows That Immigration to Scandinavia Was Exceptional During the Viking Period

A new study based on 297 ancient Scandinavian genomes analysed together with the genomic data of 16,638 present day Scandinavians resolve the complex relations between geography, ancestry, and gene ...

How Evolution Works

What genetic changes are responsible for the evolution of phenotypic traits? This question is not always easy to answer. A newly developed method now makes the search much ...

Mayas Utilized Market-Based Economics

More than 500 years ago in the midwestern Guatemalan highlands, Maya people bought and sold goods with far less oversight from their rulers than many archeologists previously thought. Overtime, the ...

Archaeologists Uncover Oldest Known Projectile Points in the Americas

Archaeologists have uncovered projectile points in Idaho that are thousands of years older than any previously found in the Americas, helping to fill in the history of how early humans crafted and ...

New Theory on Timing for Human Settlement of Some Parts of Tropical Pacific

Spread across vast distances, the islands of the tropical Pacific Ocean are thought to have been populated by humans in two distinct migrations beginning approximately 3,330 years ago. The first ...

Findings from 2,000-Year-Old Uluburun Shipwreck Reveal Complex Trade Network

Using advanced geochemical analyses, a team of scientists has uncovered new answers to decades-old questions about trade of tin throughout Eurasia during the Late Bronze ...


Ancient Roman Coins Reveal Long-Lost Emperor

A gold coin long dismissed as a forgery appears to be authentic and depicts a long-lost Roman emperor named Sponsian, according to a new ...

Footprints Claimed as Evidence of Ice Age Humans in North America Need Better Dating, New Research Shows

The preserved footprints found in New Mexico's Lake Otero Basin would upend scientific understanding of how, and when, humans first arrived in North America, if they are accurately dated. A new ...

Old Bone Links Lost American Parrot to Ancient Indigenous Bird Trade

For centuries, Indigenous communities in the American Southwest imported colorful parrots from Mexico. But according to a recent study, some parrots may have been captured locally and not brought ...

Ancient DNA Analysis Sheds Light on the Early Peopling of South America

Using DNA from two ancient humans unearthed in two different archaeological sites in northeast Brazil, researchers have unraveled the deep demographic history of South America at the regional level ...

Biblical Military Campaigns Reconstructed Using Geomagnetic Field Data

Researchers reconstructed the geomagnetic fields recorded in 21 archaeological destruction layers throughout Israel and used the data to develop a reliable new scientific tool for archaeological ...

Skaftö Wreck's Cargo Tells a Tale of 15th Century Trade Routes

Research has shown that the Skaftö wreck had probably taken on cargo in Gdansk in Poland and was heading towards Belgium when it foundered in the Lysekil archipelago around 1440. Modern methods of ...

A 10,000-Year-Old Infant Burial Provides Insights Into the Use of Baby Carriers and Family Heirlooms in Prehistory

Researchers argue that they have found evidence of the use of baby carriers 10,000 years ago at the Arma Veirana site in Liguria, ...

In Medieval Norway, High-Class People Had Stronger Bones

In medieval Norway, high status individuals tended to be taller and to have stronger bones, possibly as a result of a favorable lifestyle, according to a new ...

New Analysis of Obsidian Blades Reveals Dynamic Neolithic Social Networks

An analysis of obsidian artifacts excavated during the 1960s at two prominent archaeological sites in southwestern Iran suggests that the networks Neolithic people formed in the region as they ...

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