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Psychiatry is a medical specialty dealing with the prevention, assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of mental illness.

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July 30, 2023

Researchers Generate Human Embryo-Like Structures That Include Extraembryonic Tissue

Gastrulation, the process where an embryo reorganizes itself from a hollow sphere into a multilayered structure, is considered a 'black box' of human development. This is because human embryos are typically not cultured for longer than 14 days ...

Gene Mutation May Explain Why Some Don't Get Sick from COVID-19

People who contract COVID-19 but never develop symptoms -- the so-called super dodgers -- may have a genetic ace up their sleeve. They're more than twice as likely as those who become symptomatic to carry a specific gene variation that helps them obliterate the virus, according to a new ...

Surgical and Engineering Innovations Enable Unprecedented Control Over Every Finger of a Bionic Hand

For the first time, a person with an arm amputation can manipulate each finger of a bionic hand as if it was his own. Thanks to revolutionary surgical and engineering advancements that seamlessly merge humans with machines, this breakthrough offers ...

Medical 'Microrobots' Could One Day Treat Bladder Disease, Other Human Illnesses

Engineers have designed a new class of 'microrobots' several times smaller than the width of a human hair that may be able to treat human illnesses like interstitial cystitis -- a painful bladder disease that affects millions of ...
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