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July 12, 2023

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New Target for Antibiotics Promises Treatment for Multi-Drug Resistant Superbugs

The World Health Organization lists bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics as one of the top 10 global health threats. Therefore, researchers are looking for new antibiotics to counter this resistance. Biophysicist have now discovered that the ...

Existing Cancer Drug Could Be Repurposed to Fight Certain Aggressive Cancers

A team of scientists has found that an existing cancer drug could be repurposed to target a subset of cancers that currently lack targeted treatment options and is often associated with poor outcomes. This subset of cancers makes up 15 per cent of ...

Taking Good Care of Your Teeth May Be Good for Your Brain

Taking good care of your teeth may be linked to better brain health, according to a new study. The study found that gum disease and tooth loss were linked to brain shrinkage in the hippocampus, which plays a role in memory and Alzheimer's disease. The study does not prove that gum disease or tooth ...

One-Two Punch: Novel Drug Pairing Could Beat Pancreatic Cancer

Researchers find a combination of drugs outperformed other treatments in human and mouse models of pancreatic cancer; now urge clinical ...

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A New Tactic to Take on Leprosy

Leprosy has existed since at least Biblical times, yet scientists still don't know exactly how Mycobacterium leprae causes the disease's symptoms. Though antibiotics can treat the illness, ...

Crossing the Ring: New Method Enables C-H Activation Across Saturated Carbocycles

Chemists add another powerful tool to their 'molecular editing' toolkit for crafting pharmaceuticals and other valuable ...

Using AI to Create Better, More Potent Medicines

While it can take years for the pharmaceutical industry to create medicines capable of treating or curing human disease, a new study suggests that using generative artificial intelligence could ...

Using AI, Scientists Find a Drug That Could Combat Drug-Resistant Infections

Using AI, researchers identified a new antibiotic that can kill Acinetobacter baumannii, a type of bacteria that is responsible for many drug-resistant ...

New Chemical Compound Demonstrates Potential in Nerve Regeneration

Recent research has identified a new compound that can stimulate nerve regeneration after injury, as well as protect cardiac tissue from the sort of damage seen in heart ...

A Better Route to Benzocyclobutenes, Sought-After Buildingblocks for Drugs

Chemists devise a new, C-H activation-based method for the synthesis of ...

Cellular Traffic Controllers Caught Managing Flow of Signals from Receptors

Proteins that act like air traffic controllers, managing the flow of signals in and out of human cells, have been observed for the first time with unprecedented detail using advanced microscopy ...

To Boost Cancer Immunotherapy's Fighting Power, Look to the Gut

Immunotherapy has redefined cancer treatment, but not all patients experience the same benefit when treated. New research in mice identifies how gut bacteria alter the body's response to a ...

New Test Reveals Existing Antibiotics, Hiding in Plain Sight on Pharmacy Shelves, Can Treat Superbugs

A new test revealed that FDA-approved antibiotics -- available at your neighborhood pharmacy -- can effectively treat superbugs. They are not prescribed, however, because the gold-standard test ...

First 'Gene Silencing' Drug for Alzheimer's Disease Shows Promise

A new trial has found a new genetic therapy for Alzheimer's disease that is able to safely and successfully lower levels of the harmful tau protein known to cause the ...

New Biologic Effective Against Major Infection in Early Tests

A research team has shown in early tests that a bioengineered drug candidate can counter infection with Staphylococcus aureus -- a bacterial species widely resistant to ...


Drug Combination Restores Ability of Leading Treatment to Signal for Death of Blood Cancer Cells

Despite the promise of new medications that promote cancer cell death in people with acute myeloid leukemia, leukemic cells often adopt features that let them evade the drugs' effects within a ...

Nanoparticles Provoke Immune Response Against Tumors but Avoid Side Effects

Researchers find that when immunostimulatory drugs called imidazoquinolines are delivered using specialized bottlebrush nanoparticles, the drugs provoke the immune system to attack tumors while ...

Wonder Drug-Capsule May One Day Replace Insulin Injection for Diabetics

Scientists have designed a new type of oral capsule that could mean pain-free delivery of insulin and other protein drugs. Protein drugs had proven challenging to deliver orally as the drugs degrade ...

Molecular 'Superpower' of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

A species of ordinary gut bacteria that we all carry flourishes when the intestinal flora is knocked out by a course of antibiotics. Since the bacteria is naturally resistant to many antibiotics, it ...

How Drugs Get Into the Blood

Computer simulations have helped researchers understand in detail how pharmaceutically active substances cross cell membranes. These findings can now be used to discover new drug candidates more ...

Implantable Device Shrinks Pancreatic Tumors

Nanomedicine researchers have found a way to tame pancreatic cancer -- one of the most aggressive and difficult to treat cancers -- by delivering immunotherapy directly into the tumor with a device ...

Novel Immunotherapy Agent Safe, Shows Promise Against High-Risk Prostate Cancers

A new drug, a monoclonal antibody known as enoblituzumab, is safe in men with aggressive prostate cancer and may induce clinical activity against cancer throughout the body, according to a phase 2 ...

Super-Sized Nanocage Could Deliver Bigger Drug Cargoes

Nanocages are tiny artificial containers that can be used to deliver therapeutics to a target destination in the body. But some drug molecules are like gifts that are too big for a standard-sized ...

Fight Against Treatment-Resistant Superbugs

Researchers are studying the genes of superbugs to aid the development of new and effective treatments for drug-resistant bacterial infections. Superbugs are characterized as infection-causing ...

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